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The fairground

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The Fairground The sun sets. The sky dims. The thrill seekers descend upon the place. It draws them like a magnet towards the magical fairyland where everyone is a child. The weight of the world comes off their shoulders as they float away from reality into the swirling masses. Their universe shrinks to the size of a fairground, lit by a rainbow and twirled by a candyfloss machine. There's one though. One who carries all the darkness in the world close to his heart. You can feel it in the moment of terror before a lost child is found. Behind the smog of bright lights and plastic pop music. You can see it in the dark corners and burned out lights. ...read more.


He turns and walks away wild eyed through the crush of bodies. Members of the crowd look after him, shaking their heads at the man who doesn't care. How could they know that he cares so much that his heart is dying with the pain of it. The lights are distant here, in this place. The sounds are faint. The air moved only by the caressing breeze. The grass is cool in the balmy night. There is a shape, just visible low in the twilight grass. The feeling here is beautiful to some; she is one of them. She loves it here. Her space. Her tranquil space is heaven after the rush of her world. The girl lies back into the best place in the world. ...read more.


As his eyes reach her face Evil slashes his heart and sets fire to his soul with the burning pain of the hopeless. His mind swings in vicious circles. Why his Lucy? Why his perfect innocent child? Why his light? She shouldn't have died. No. Rather all the world should die than Lucy feel pain. The girl didn't know how evil she was to live while Lucy rotted in the ground. She didn't deserve to live when his light was gone. Rage and laughing Evil course through him ripping down his veins, poisoning his body and robbing his sanity. With shaking limbs he draws the knife. It swings in a perfect circle, a beautiful arc shimmering through the air. It sinks deep, crimson stains perfect porcelain. It makes a hole in her life, she falls through and the moment echoes forever. By Rebecca Rowe. ...read more.

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