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The Fall.

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The Fall I was only nine. Tuesday was a quiet peaceful day with everything right about it. My dad was out at work early that morning and I didn't tell him goodbye, my mum wasn't working that day because she was ill with a cold. The night before, it had rained but it was too warm to notice the damp air. The birds were singing their morning songs, the bees were buzzing their little wings and the roof was waiting for my fall. When I made sure the ladder was in the right place I zoomed up it onto the roof. After I sized up the jump I climbed down the cold ladder, then I set up my little red and yellow trampoline. ...read more.


My mother came rushing out as fast as she could. She saw my leg then she saw the bone. She picked me up and dragged me to my comfy sofa, where I lay in agonising pain waiting for something to happen, anything to happen. I heard the phone being dialled and I knew straight away what she was doing. My mom talked really fast on the phone but I couldn't work out what she was saying. I don't think the person she was talking to under a word mum was saying because of her bunged up nose. When the phone was put down she walked over to me and told me that we were going to the hospital. So I did my best to stand up but I needed all the help I could get and my mum give me a hand. ...read more.


He moved me to the x-ray room and half an hour later he told me that "the bone had snapped in two different places" I needed an operation so I was knocked out in seconds form the gas they gave me in the operation room as I laid on the table. Three hours later I woke up with a cast on my leg. I couldn't feel any pain, only a tingle because of the pain killers I was taking. Back home I went to my warm comfy sofa and watching T.V, without a care in the world. I had a maid waiting on my every beckoned call (my mummy), no school for a couple of weeks and a leg in a cast with loads of writing on it from my friends. All of this pain, just because of a slippery roof. Who would of thought? ...read more.

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