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The Ferocious Creature.

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The Ferocious Creature It was a cold stormy, dreary night in November. The house was dark lonesome and frightening. I was shivering with cold as the ferocious winds blew through the open window. As I went to close the window there was suddenly a flash of lightning and the thunder crashed. My monster might come alive at any time as I had already connected all the wires. I was just waiting in the silence of the cold, isolated room. Soon last I decided to sit down. There were so many papers to fill in and there was so much work to do but there was no light except for the dimly lit candle that was just about to burn out. The moon was not to be seen that night as it was such bad, stormy weather. Then all of a sudden something seemed to be touching me on my back. ...read more.


He had a tough yellow skin, his lips were straight and black with teeth of a pearly whiteness. I didn't know what to do next. I walked around thinking and every step I took, my monster followed me for sympathy. Then I thought that I should release him and let him find his own way in the world. I could pretend I had nothing to do with him. I realised that if anyone knew that I was his creator they would all think I was insane. I heard a knock at the door. I knew that it was my brother Henri, we lived together. I would have to tell him about my monster. I opened the door and told Henri to sit down and told him the story. Henri insisted on taking the monster far into the forest and leaving him there. I wasn't sure as it was two o'clock in the morning but at last I agreed. ...read more.


Picking up a few things I quickly ran to the forest. I knew I didn't want him or like him but he still had a soul. There he was lying on the ground, on no, dear god, I hoped he wasn't dead but he nearly was. Luckily I had picked up my bag with all the wires in it. I started thinking carefully and did a few things. After a while he was as good as new. I felt sorry for looking down on him and treating him so badly and after Henri made him suffer so much. I thought to myself, I was the creator of this beast, to him I was like his mother. Although he looked big and ugly inside his head he was like a baby. I must protect him and teach him things so that he could experience the natures of the world. I decided we would go far away where we could live in peace and learn to live together. ...read more.

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