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The Ferrari

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The Ferrari In the year 2005 my father took the opportunity to supply Ferrari with car electrical auto parts. By the year 2012 we were the leading auto electrical supplier in Europe. In 2008 we were invited to a road show were Ferrari received the award for car of the century. My fathers company was called Auto parts direct which later changed Euro parts. It was a fine Saturday morning I was sitting at the breakfast table eating my breakfast, coco pops with cold milk. My father came in looking quite jolly, which was quite rare, He said "I just received a call from Lucas, he has invited us to the road show this summer in Rome and on top he will be taking care of our accommodation and transport." Lucas was the owner of Ferrari at that time and over the years had grown pretty close with our family. Although I was only six years old at the time I had a great interest in cars which I suppose, I inherited from my father. My father was a tall man with a medium build and a distinguishable moustache. My mother, on the other hand, was of the shorter kind with a plump and kind looking face. The best part of the journey was that we were going to travel by ferry from Dover .We were scheduled to travel on the 5th of July and return on the 19th of July. ...read more.


The atmosphere at the exhibition was full of excitement and activity. A mouth-watering fragrance filled the air as if it was part of the excitement. As I penetrated through we wild crowd, we found our selves in front of a doughnut stall, with my stomach rumbling with hunger, or perhaps excitement, I had no choice but to ask for a portion. Finally, we took our seats at the VIP section which had an excellent view over the race track. The pandemonium of the crowd still had not calmed itself; instead it had turned into a rhythm. Deep inside the enjoyment of my second doughnut, an unexpected stillness and silence caught my attention, everything seemed as if it had come to a halt or been paused. The silence was broken by a stimulating voice, which bellowed a whole load of Italian words followed by an English announcement "welcome to the international car exhibition, pleases stay seated the show is about to begin." Following this announcement there was a few minutes of silence before a little ceremony took place. After that many people entered into the middle of the ground and were introduced as various owners of car brands. Many fine-looking cars of different natures began enter the ground. They all looked beautiful and attractive. ...read more.


Lucas and his men were then called out one by one to announcement table and were awarded with medals, it was Lucas's turn last and he received a big gold trophy and a certificate. He headed back to the middle where it was announced that Ferrari had won the car of the century award. After the show was over there was a big rush, people were pouring in and out from every direction. We waited until the rush was over, as directed by Lucas. He then came along with his men and took us to the lobby, but he did not take us out. He whispered something in my fathers' ear and before I knew I was in a formula one Ferrari racing around the track by a world class driver. At first I was scared but I then thought that I would never get chance like this in my life. To sit in a race car was my dream and it was being fulfilled at the age of six. I could never thank Lucas for the favors and hospitality he gave us and most importantly the dream of mine he fulfilled. We headed back to Lucas's house were we spent our last few hours before we departed. Lucas gave me a bag of goodies which was filled with autographs medals and a trophy; this created an exciting journey back for me because I could not wait to tell my friends. ...read more.

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