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The film that I am going to review is 'Great expectations', a modern adaptation of the Dickens novel

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Film Review The film that I am going to review is 'Great expectations', a modern adaptation of the Dickens novel. The film is set in a small community town in Florida. The main character is a young, quiet boy called Finn Bell who loves to paint. One day Finn is drawing while on the sea while a convict (Robert De Niro) attacks him Finn bb asked to bring food and bolt cutters, and threatened that if he does not meet these demands he will be killed. They travel on fins boat into the sea. Although Finn leaves the convict, a life jacket he is later shocked to see the man on TV being sentenced to a lethal injection for murder. ...read more.


with fishing. He is surprised to be offered a huge amount of money from a mysterious benefactor to go to New York to be an artist. He unwillingly takes the chance, although could be influenced by knowing Estella is in New York. The film adapts Dickens novel in different ways. Including Joe as a fisherman Finns sister dies in the novel and leaves them in the modern version. The biggest difference is pip as a self taught artist, however in the novel trying to be a gentleman. There are many enjoyable sections like when the convict attacks Finn. This is a section which you remember because this starts off Finns adventure. Although this connects with everything in the story and links it together it is vital. ...read more.


The impression we got from Miss Dinsmore: is an old, eccentric woman we can see this by her active personality. She dances a lot through the film also changes her hair to red. Estella is seen too be cold and distant, elegant and refined. Also a snob although has feelings for Finn but wants to hurt him, hurts Finn a lot of times in the play taunting him eventually Finn asks why?: 'what is it like to feel nothing?'. Lustig is portrayed as scary like character we know from the first time he startles Finn. Then there's Fin who we see grow from a quite, young boy into a confident, intelligent man. Also a self taught artist, who lives his dream to become an artist and mix with people wealthier than himself. Finn an artist comes from rag to riches in quick time to inspire that similar can do the same. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Chambers ...read more.

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