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The film trailers designed to promote the film Love Actually represent a particular view of modern love and relationships. Explore this idea within a media analysis framework.

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GCSE ENGLISH: MEDIA UNIT Love Actually Essay The film trailers designed to promote the film Love Actually represent a particular view of modern love and relationships. Explore this idea within a media analysis framework. From the makers of Bridget Jones's Diary and Notting Hill, the film Love Actually is a romantic comedy about igniting laughter, wrecking havoc, breaking hearts, daring commitment and forcing choices. The film is of a typical romantic comedy genre, which is targeted at teenagers and adults. The key ingredients of a romantic comedy are that it is optimistic and it has humour combined with love and friendship. Usually, the genre has a universal appeal, which widens the range of target audience. The notions of love and relationships in modern society that the film trailers portray are realistic in some relationships, but the main outcome is not. The film was released in November 2003, which also coincided with the timing of Christmas. The film was probably released at this auspicious time of the year, as it is a time of joy when families get together. The DVD was released on mother's day, which is another significant day of the year. As part of this media unit, we concentrated on the two commercial film trailers of Love Actually. The main purposes of these trailers were to give an insight into the film and to be used as a promotional tool to attract viewers. Despite the two trailers promoting the same film, they portray a different view of love and target at different age groups and gender. In this essay, I will be discussing the different ways the film trailers are designed to promote the film and the way in which they represent the concept of modern love and relationships. Trailers are the most effective way of advertising a film because they are moving images. This means that they are more attention grabbing as there is more instant information given along with appealing images. ...read more.


Huge Grant is known as a successful actor from his previous performances. He is a hero of 19th century literature but he doesn't posses heroic qualities. The roles he mainly plays are of a middle class, white, attractive bachelor. He epitomises British humour, which is relevantly sarcastic. The audiences' previous exposure to successful actors such as Huge Grant means that the film will be more appealing. In the trailers, there are actors who only have a significantly small role in the film such a Rowan Atkinson. He is used in the trailers to attract viewers because he is probably the most well known comedy actor, for his earlier presence in Mr. Bean. The second trailer is more personalised, with more emotional scenes and a slower pace. Children are used to build up the humour and also to appeal to a wider range of audience and families. Martine McCutcheon stars as Natalie who is the secretary of Huge Grant in the film. She speaks typical cockney English. Her real life story in the world of acting reflects her role in the film Love Actually as she progressed greatly in her career and in the film; she successfully gets together with Huge Grant. She was previously best known for her role in East-Enders and being offered a role as a big-screen movie star; she proved that she had hidden talent. In the film trailers she epitomises that a maid can really be involved in a serious relationship with the prime minister. However, this is not very realistic in real life. The notion of love that is presented with Martine McCutcheon in the film is rather different to conventional love. In trailer two, she enthusiastically says to Huge Grant ''Hello David...I mean sir''. She almost forgets who he is and calls him by his first name. This shows that she is in love with him and in excitement she mistakenly addresses him with his first name. ...read more.


The music also changes to a faster rhythm. ''Love is all you need''. Overall, about eighty percent of the scenes are present in both trailers but just in a different context with a different soundtrack. The two Love Actually film trailers represent modern love and relationships as an easy flexible matter within gender and class. They represent the stereotypical view of love as a matter of affection and passion. In this essay, I have discussed the impact of film trailers on a forthcoming film. They are surely designed to attract viewers and give them an insight into the film. They are used for financial purposes to advertise and promote the film in the best possible way. Trailers sometimes give us irrelevant information, mainly to attract a range of audiences. In this case, famous movie stars such as Britney Spears and Rowan Atkinson are shown or mentioned in the trailers. Within the promotional trailers, there is a recurring theme of an animated red bow tie, wrapping up the film into a package. I assume this has been used to reflect the idea of presents and love. In this way the trailers are showing that the film will be a lovely gift to someone who you love. Romantic comedy is a popular genre because it appeals to a wide range of audience from teenagers to older people and couples to even people who are still single. The comedy is usually throughout the movie with a twist in the end. The endings are always joyful, which also appeals to families. The release date was taken into great consideration, which was near to the time of Christmas. This gave the production company an advantage, as they knew that this is a time of joy, happiness and a time when everyone gets together. After all, movies are about making money and a financial tool to entertain people and this what the two promotional film trailers of Love Actually have successfully done. Shaheena Baig 10:4 1 ...read more.

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