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The Final Goodbye.

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The Final Goodbye By Lauren Sharples Hi you probably don't know me, but my name is Stacey and I come from Bolton. My story could upset some people like myself because it is a very emotional story, It could bring tears to your eyes. In July of '98' it was a beautiful summers day and I'd just started my summer holidays. It was good not to have to get up early for school but to this day I wish I had got up earlier, rather than being lazy and staying in bed till noon. My mother who was crying her eyes out woke me. She could hardly breathe. I was half asleep when she told me the bad news. 'Your dad has been rushed into hospital. He is very ill!' I thought I was just dreaming because I hadn't woken up properly. I started to cry I just wanted to be able to wake up and be told it was a bad dream. ...read more.


We set off in two cars. There were quite a lot of us. I entered the hospital with my sister and the first thing, which struck me, was the smell of bleach and cleaning equipment. I can still smell it to this day and it still makes my stomach turn. The walls, floor, every bit of the hospital was a bright white colour. There was no colour no atmosphere. Even with family I still felt so alone and empty. I just wanted to go home, I didn't like the place at all. It just didn't feel real. I was so numb, no emotions and no feelings; it was surreal. As I walked up the stairs, every step you could hear an echo. It was so freaky. I entered a room. We had to cover our shoes and wash our hands. I walked over to this body which just lay there full of machines and wires which went everywhere. It looked like a puzzle that I had to uncover. ...read more.


It was switched off at midnight; we all sat there and prayed, but it was time for my dad to go. The following week was terrible. The house was a mess; my mother and I were just to busy with funeral arrangements to tidy up. I was just so numb, it felt like it wasn't happening to me. Well that's how I felt on the inside but I had to be brave for my mother, I couldn't let her see how upset I were over my father's death. It was all arranged, the funeral, the wake, everything, but I still couldn't accept that my dad was gone. The following Friday we held his funeral, all sat in black. Even the mood was the blackest of black. I didn't cry once I couldn't cry. It didn't seem right. My dad wouldn't have wanted us to be upset. As they lay my father to rest I threw I red rose which landed on top of his coffin, I said with my head looking up to the heavens 'I love you dad. See you in heaven.' That was my final goodbye. I turned and walked away ready for life without him. ...read more.

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