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The first time Jane and Mr Bingley meet, the air is filled with promise and romance

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Nahedeh 2005-11-04 English HL Universal Truths It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife There are many women and men in this world that state that they don't need bind in holy matrimony in order to feel complete or happy about their lives. Obviously, these women and men don't live in the world of Pride and Prejudice. Even the opening line declares a subtle truth so well that it get you thinking. At first one sees it as an ironic statement trying to open the book's comedic and love-related atmosphere. However as one digs deeper you see there is more to this line than what meets the eye. This sentence can sum up the goal of many women in this novel who are in search of a single man in possession of a good fortune such as Ms Lucas, as it does sum up the plot in many ways. ...read more.


The meeting of each new male central character is attached to a descriptive sentence of his wealth and background. As we read along the novel we see that most of the women in the novel notice this wealth and also notice that these men are in fact looking after wives to wed and share their life with. The first time Jane and Mr Bingley meet, the air is filled with promise and romance. They can be referred back to this opening line of that he is looking for mutual affection in his life. There is a lot of truth behind this quote which sums up the behaviours of most of the male characters in the book; with the slight exception of Darcy who doesn't seek love though is surprisingly revealed to it. ...read more.


When simultaneously a man without good fortune would be in search of it; therefore the last thing on his mind would be marriage which would mean another person for him to feed. This opening line is famous in literature and holds a truth which is both ironic and comedic since it is applicable to its time frame. I cannot say that it is completely universal since men these days, the majority living in Western societies, with a good fortune are not in search of a wife but even greater fortune. Men at that time, and certainly not in this book, were not as greedy as today's and therefore could throw themselves into love and discover affectionate sides of themselves. The characters in these book that transform for the better, transform due to love. These men throw themselves to love since they are with good fortune in want of wife. ...read more.

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