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The Five People You Meet In Heaven (My Version)

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven Death was sort of weird. I didn't really see it coming my way, it jumped up behind me, literally. I was in the school library doing some revision after school hours. When the clock struck eight I got up and left the building. I had to be home for nine o'clock but little did I know that I won't ever go home again. The cold, spine-chilling wind swept through the dark, night, sky clearly visible in the fog. It was in the middle of the winter season and not a good night to go out walking. As I entered the old, creepy graveyard just outside the school the icy wind swept up my back causing me to shiver. It was quiet and calm meaning every sound I heard made me even more frightened and uncomfortable with my surroundings. Suddenly pain rushed through my neck as two long, sharp; fang like objects roughly pierced my skin and dug as deep as they could into my flesh. I let out a loud scream yet no one could hear me. I continued to scream "ARRRRGH! ...read more.


Laura had gone and I was back at the school library. I said to my self quietly "was it all a dream" and suddenly a voice said "no". I recognized the voice. I spun around and to my surprise it was the old school librarian. I was so happy to see him. His name is Herald and he took a heart attack when I was sixteen years old. He stood by the checkout desk with that posh yet happy grin on his face. Herald is the man that I have to thank for knowledge in myths, magic and legends. When I first became interested in the art of witchcraft he gave me all the books on magic I could dream of and taught me everything I needed to know as he was a master in the art. Later on I began to get interested in myths and legends and he taught me even more. I knew how he made a large impact on his life but not how I made an impact on his. We sat down at the study spot where I always sat and he told me about me being the best student he ever met. ...read more.


And that is where I recognized the little girl. I saved here mother. Although everyone was happy that the woman was safe my happiness only lasted minutes until Woof ran out onto the road and got hit by a passing car. That is when woof died. I was back I at the farmhouse although this time I was in the living area rather than the tree house. Sitting around me where the five people I met in heaven. First there was Laura followed by Herald, Woof, Rory and then the little girl. I asked Herald if this was the judgement and he said "no, the judgement is over". "What" I said, "I didn't even get a chance to prepare". "You did not need to prepare" Herald said, "throughout your entire life you have been looking out for others interests. You do not have an evil bone in your body. The five of us decided that you make it into heaven with flying colours". So I'm still here now, living in the farm house with Laura. I visit Woof, Herald and Rory all the time in there heavens and I often have them around for tea. Don't ask how long I have been here as time travels a lot differently, that is if there's even such thing as time because you don't really keep count. ...read more.

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