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'The Flea' written by John Donne in the seventeenth century. 'First Love' which was written by John Clare in the nineteenth century, and also 'Shall I compare thee...' which was written by William Shakespeare in the sixteenth century

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Poetry Comparrison There are various types of love, when we talk about the term 'Love' many terms and phrases come in to our mind. The various types of love that exist are, Romantic, obsessive, sexual, true love and blind love etc. The basis of these kinds of love is based on immense feeling. The three love poems that I selected to study were, 'The Flea' written by John Donne in the seventeenth century. 'First Love' which was written by John Clare in the nineteenth century, and also 'Shall I compare thee...' which was written by William Shakespeare in the sixteenth century. The kind of love that is address in 'The Flee' is obsessive and very sexual. In this poem he is trying to seduce his mistress in to having sex with him. The second poem is about the narrator who fell in love for the first time. Puppy love we can also say. The last poem is about summer, beauty which never ages. The narrator in this poem seems experienced in the aspect of love, well more experienced than the other poets. The theme of love that is addressed in 'The Flea' is that of a sexual nature. The poet is very witty and clever also persuasive, the poet is trying to seduce his mistress into having sex with him. The poet is witty and persuasive because he had some experience of a lawyer in his early days. He tries using his witty and clever personality, we can see this from, 'How little that that which though dens'yt me'. ...read more.


This shows that their are physical affects of love which are affecting him. He also described his face in detail, 'deadly pale' which added a depth of realism to the poem. In verse two there is still a romantic atmosphere, we can see that there are more physical affects of what he is experiencing from the quote, 'And then blood rushed to my face' This suggests that perhaps the narrator is starting to blush, this again is a physical reaction to love as we can see from the quote. From all of this so far we can tell that the poet rather innocent to say the least, where as in 'The Flea' the poet was far more witty, persuasive and clever. The poet also gives brief description of their surroundings, 'The trees and bushes round place' This adds depth to the romantic atmosphere. There are various interesting phrases, for example, 'Seemed midnight at noonday' This demonstrates that the poet is starting to get rather delusional or on the other hand it could be a metaphor, saying it was romantic. As I read in I noticed that their were very few references to the woman he loved, the poet focuses more on himself than the woman. Also the love that is expressed in this poem, we can emphasise that it is that of an unrequited nature, where one person likes someone and the other person doesn't. In verse three he starts the verse with, 'Are flowers the winters choice? Is loves bed always snow...' ...read more.


These two poets also use rhetorical questions, which added affect to the poems. The rhyming scheme of Donne's poem and Clare's poem is very similar, that of the ABAB structure. Shakespeare poem is very unique, this is because of the format it is written (which is a sonnet) the rhyming structure and the iambic pentameter. This keeps the poem steady, easy and flowing evenly with five strong beats. First love is also very different from other poems. The poet in this poem mentions hierarchy and social status. He is also falling in love for the first time, these points make it different from other poems. The flea is also a unique poem, because the kind o romance that is shown in this poem was far more sensual, and persuasive when compared to other poems. He also used the flea as a conceit, portraying his love as a small, blood sucking insect. But his love was small, and he was feeding of her love. Overall I think that Shakespeare's poem was superior at addressing the theme of love when compared to Donne's poem and Clare's poem. I think that he was better at this because of the way he structured his poem. Also when he referred back to the seasons, which added to the depth and atmosphere to the romantic poem. When he referred to summer he made, summer seem less significant than the woman. This highlighted his feelings of what he thought of the woman. He also used many poetical devices such as personification, repetition and metaphors. Due to the use of various poetical devices we could call him an imager. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adeem Azhar English coursework 11B2 11M ...read more.

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