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The Forest. I jump in to the bush to my right. I creep forward and come up behind him. I quickly slip my arm around his neck and pull tightly. I fell him go limp in my arms

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As my feet pound on the rough stony ground, my breathing sounds in my ears. I stop to have a drink, I notice a bench up ahead and I jog up to it. As I look at it I notice its rough features. Flecks of mould are growing over the planks. Rust forming on the nails. Bits of concrete crumpling away. I sit down and take in the view. I look out and see an eagle circling above the valley below. I wait for a few minutes and then continue on my run. I start to head back home. I decide to go through the woods as it's quicker. I jog forward, I then start to feel strange as if some one is following me I subtly look back I don't see any one but I still feel weird. I push on and reach the other side. I jog up to my apartment block and take the stairs three at a time. I arrive at my apartment and put my key in the door, I stop am I paranoid or is their some one following me. I look round I don't see any one so I unlock the door and step inside. I pick up my mail but I notice a brown letter, I pick it up and open it. ...read more.


I jump in to the bush to my right. I creep forward and come up behind him. I quickly slip my arm around his neck and pull tightly. I fell him go limp in my arms. I then drag him into the push and lay him down. I make sure he's only unconscious. I creep back up the track keeping to the bushes out of site. I stealthily creep up to a hedge in front of me. I peer through the hedge at the people that just tried to kill me. I can see three men all wearing black military stealth gear. They are all wearing balaclavas. I can't hear what there saying because the balaclavas muffled their speech. I decide to creep forward to see if I can hear anything. I turn round and skirt backwards. I pass the body of the man with the Heckler and Koch mp5 sub machine gun. I check to make sure he's still unconscious, I give him a thump on the head for good measure. I search him to see if he has any thing useful on him. In his pockets I find a Sig Sauer p226 9mm handgun and a Mauser knife. I also find two spare clips and a silencer for the Sig Sauer p226. I pocket the knife and point the gun in front of me I move up the path, I creep forward and reach a group of trees. ...read more.


I peer round the corner and see two men armed with Heckler and Koch mp5 sub machine guns guarding my bike I turn round and run in to the woods. I stop and sit down. Suddenly all my emotions catch up with me. I quickly feel very alone and frightened. I wonder what those men wanted. I start to feel tears forming in my eyes. A tear rolled down my cheek. I get up and tell my self it's no good sitting here. I start walking, to my left I notice a van. I think to my self why a van would be parked in the middle of the wood. I jog up to it and peer in the pack windows, I can't see any thing so I move up to the front. What I saw next I realised would stay with me for ever. Inside the van there were thousands of hornets. Through all the hornets you could just make out the features of a person, well what was left of it. I turn round and vomit. I look through the window again and saw something that made me vomit again. I saw my uncle's necklace that I gave him one Christmas. I turn round and run. I run like I've never ran before. My bag swinging from side to side. I run till I could run no more my chest heaving and my heart pounding. I slump down by a tree stump. What has happened, WHY? Would I ever find the answer? ...read more.

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