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The formal conversation between the teenagers in the Apprentice (extract A) contrasts between formal (throughout the beginning) and informal towards the end

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´╗┐The way in which we speak and the way in which we write are so different from each other that you could say it's a completely new language and it would arguably be true, There are many reasons which may cause the change in the way we speak but I would like to point out teenagers in this essay. There are a lot of factors which may cause the change in the way teenagers. Each person has their own idiolect. Idiolect defines to the meaning of "a personal language. In a dictionary you may find that idiolect is "a personal language; the words people choose and any other features that characterise their speech ". The subject I would like to bring up is the impact of various factors on the way teenagers speak. I believe that the various amounts of new technology being produced and used is of big importance when it comes to the way we speak. As humans are lazy by nature, they go a step further and try to make a world easier so they speak the way they want to speak. Teens are so used to their lives revolving around laziness and "computer speak" that it's hard for them to adapt to modern standard English, this is mostly due to the fact that they are used to speaking with abbreviations on the social networking sites such as face book, this has a great ...read more.


done (.) instinct.huh." This small speech said by person C gives us more proof that it was still a bit awkward at the start since there were quite a lot of pauses and overlaps which were unnecessary and were due to the fact that the teens were uncomfortable with each other and didn't share the same ideas which could have been the reason behind why the pauses and awkward silences seemed to be constant. However the way in which they were speaking to each other gave the conclusion to the audience that it was infact a formal Standard English conversation. The use of slang in extract B (detention) makes the text seem very informal and the complete opposite of extract A since in extract B the friends knew each other and simply were regurgitating random things that came to their heads since they weren't putting any thought into what they were saying and seemed to be chilling out , they also were bored in detention trying to entertain themselves , so they were just trying to make the time go faster by talking about random things. Which juxtaposes extract A because the people in extract A seem to hesitate when saying the simplest things and seem to think twice before they say anything to ensure they won't become the outcast or 'weird person' in the group, they also aren't familiar with each other at all. ...read more.


Slang also might be seen as "not cool" which is why they don't feel quite confident to use it. Speakers D and C are persistent to the speaker A's statement, by replying simply with 'yeah' or ' I like instinct', showing that the speaker A is the more dominant character in this section. Overlaps are used a lot throughout the transcript, which show that they are either in agreement or in disagreement, but the main purpose is to give an impact on the other person or to give out a valid point. In the apprentice transcript, person 'A' speaks in a clear and standard form of English and keeps a solid tone when speaking to others which gives out the effect that he is a well spoken and intelligent person, for example when he says "even something like instinct" he is overlapped straight after by person B who says "//tha's a good one//". This overlap shows us that person B is in agreement with person A, after this there is an instant shutter in terms of the confidence between them since they all start talking informally. The second transcript in the detention room seems to be more non-scripted and naturally composed because they both seem to be talking as if two friends would, "Ah Beyonce Shakira and dat bruv (.)dey're nice man" this use of slang and informal language is used since they are chilled out and aren't trying to impress anyone. ...read more.

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