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The fresh sea air blew in my cold face

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The fresh sea air blew in my cold face. The air was bitter, and I could hear the waves bashing against the pale white cliffs. I strolled along the cliff side, listening to the waves and the seagulls up above, they echoed as they swooped down past my shoulders. A shiver went down my spine as a raindrop hit my shivery hands; I pulled up the hood, on my old grey waterproof and searched for cover. The blackening clouds gathered in the murky grey sky, and a rumble of thunder was shortly followed by a bolt of terrifying lightening. I gazed out to the horizon and in the distance I could see a large unwanted ship. The wind started to howl and the rain came down harder and harder. The ship out at sea was swaying and disappearing deep into the troughs between the waves, and as it drew closer I could see that it was a cruise liner, it looked just like the ship which I once went on.... As I stepped out of the taxi, the humid sticky air hit me and the wind, blew my hair on my hot flushed face. ...read more.


I could just about see an old man, rather large and looking rather grumpy, he was taking pictures of everybody then checking there passports. I stood in the ever lasting queue for what seemed like ages, the hot sun still shining down. Once aboard the ship, I felt cooler, but the air conditioning felt like it was choking me, my mouth had gone dry and the soggy smell made me heave. The atmosphere was lively, but empty at the same time, there were young children clutching to there parents, screeching with amazement. Every where seemed dark and compacted, the reception was dull and bland. My mum went to the desk to collect our cabin keys; she handed them over and said that our luggage would arrive shortly. This is when we got more than we had bargained for. We struggled down the endless narrow corridor, squeezing past other peoples luggage, glancing at each and every number, on each and every door. Finally, we arrived at our cabins; however there was no luggage outside either of our rooms. ...read more.


The wind had calmed down now and clouds had cleared, but it still wasn't that hot so I wandered back to my cabin to get my family for lunch, I kept on imagining the watermelon melting in mouth, and the chips covered in ketchup on my plate. I stopped to look out the window, we had been out of the harbour know for about an hour, I could faintly see dolphins swaying in and out of the twirling waves they looked like silk...... The rain poured down harder and harder on my shoulders as I watched the cruise liner come into the harbour, I wondered if I would ever experience a cruise again? I hope so, but maybe not quite yet, the lightening struck once more, and the wind howled, I could hear the seagulls in the distance, and the bitter air blew up inside my loose waterproof, the howling wind pushed me over and I struggled to my feet, the horizon had drawn closer and the misty sky made it hard to sea out onto the deadly ocean, and I could see no further than the fence a few meters in front of me. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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