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The Friar and Nurse are the most important adult characters in the play - Discuss.

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The Friar and Nurse are the most important adult characters in the play. In "Romeo and Juliet" the nurse's role is to care for the physical wellbeing of Juliet. The Friar looks after Juliet spiritually and morally. Both the nurse and Friar play a big part in the down fall of Romeo and Juliet. It is very ironic that they are part of this because they are adults and are supposed to guide the young. In act one scene three the nurse reminisces about the past and looking after Juliet as a baby. She talks about how she looked after Juliet as a baby and how she weaned her "And she was weaned-I never shall forget it- Of all the days of the year, upon that day. For I had then laid wormwood to my dug," these tells use how close Juliet and the nurse are. Also she often calls Juliet "Jule" she is using a "pet name" for her which again shows their closeness and trust. The nurse did all the things that a mother would do nowadays. Also in this scene you find out that the nurse had had a baby around the same time Juliet was born. But she had died "Susan and she-God rest all Christian souls- Were of an age. Well, Susan is with God, She was too good of me." ...read more.


Juliet is torn between the grief of Tybalt's death and her loyalty and love to Romeo. The nurse helps to arrange there first and ironical there last night together. Then the Friar and Romeo meet and later on the nurse arrives. Romeo is very upset and distraught that he has killed Tybalt and been banished from Verona. Romeo tries to commit suicide but the nurse and Friar stop him. The Friar tells him to get pull him self together. This is quite ironic because they are largely to do with the fact that he is in this situation. The nurse tells him that Juliet still wants to see him; she is still acting as a go between quite far on in the play. Capulet now wants Juliet to marry Paris but she refuses. At this point the Nurse tries to stand up to Capulet but she fails "And why my Lady Wisdom, hold your tongue" She now realises how angry Capulet is and advises Juliet to marry Paris " I think it best you married with county" this is the first time that the nurse has not done what Juliet has asked and goes against her. She no longer seems to support Romeo and Juliet. This makes Juliet very angry as she feels the nurse has betrayed her. She and the Friar were the only to people who were helping her and Romeo. ...read more.


This is again fate that has taken place and Friar Lawrence didn't take this into account when he made "the plan". Friar immediately prepares to go to the Capulet tomb to rescue Juliet. When Friar gets to the tomb he finds that Romeo and Paris are both dead. When Juliet starts to wake up he explains what has happened. The Friars plan has failed he is now afraid of what might happen and leaves the tomb "I dare no longer stay". He has run away and abandoned Juliet to her fate. I think the Nurse and the Friar play a major part in what happened to Romeo and Juliet, the consciences were both of them committing suicide. If they had not interfered or had guided them better then their fates may have been different. Throughout the play, the Nurse and the Friar both play very important roles. They add to the plot and move the plot along. They are the two main adult characters in the play and are suppose to lead the younger generation; but in "Romeo and Juliet" they lead the young astray. If the older generation of the families hadn't have carried on the family feud the younger generations would have forgotten about it. The Nurse and the Friar plotted and planned and thought that they could control what was happening. It just goes to show that you can plan something but fate is just round the corner, there is truth in the saying "the best laid plans of mice and men cans aft agley". ...read more.

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