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The Frog Prince: Disney Style She almost got away with it, she nearly did but one perky young prince caught the evil old witch as

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The Frog Prince: Disney Style She almost got away with it, she nearly did but one perky young prince caught the evil old witch as she was about to turn the towns food, which was stored in a great cellar under the castle, rotten. The boy was playing with his favourite toy, a simple bat with a ball on a string. When the string snapped and the ball went flying down the 151 stairs to the great cellar he was distraught. He could hear the ball bouncing off each step and getting further and further towards the town's food supply. Eventually he decided that although his Father had told him on numerous occasions not to go down the grand stairs it was only to get his ball and that he wouldn't get in any sort of trouble. He crept down the stairs one by one and eventually reached the bottom, he rummaged around for a bit in the pitch black until he finally found his ball and started the long ascent upwards. After about 5 steps he started hearing something. He listened harder now; it sounded like someone laughing. He quickly turned round to see what was going on. ...read more.


The dog started to amble away with it's prize in mouth when it spotted a small rabbit, it immediately dropped the prince and chased after it. Well at least that ordeal was over. Over the next few years the frog learned to survive on anything he could find: flies, bugs and even small twigs. One day though another frog approached and asked him in what he understood as plain English how long he'd been a frog. This startled the prince as he'd spent his life thinking he couldn't talk to anyone or anything and that he looked just like any other frog. He told him, that it was nearly four years and enquired how the other frog knew he wasn't a true frog. It turned out that he had a bright yellow mark n his back that no natural frog would carry. They carried on talking for a while until it emerged that the second frog was infact a princess from another kingdom. When asked about how she came to become a frog she just said it was a wicked witch Together they swore that the witch that turned them into frogs would pay for what she did. ...read more.


After a couple of crucial seconds she sent a bolt of lightning towards the frog princess! But, in an ultimate act of bravery and courage the frog prince jumped in the way and took the blow himself. The witch scampered off chuckling. He was hurt, hurt bad. He turned an almost yellow colour and started breathing very slowly and heavily. The princess couldn't hold it in. Her huge frog eyes filled with tears and a small trickle of tear came running down here face and landed on the frog prince's head. This act of love triggered a reaction in the spell and by some kind of miracle he started to return to a green colour and over the next few minutes turned back into a handsome prince. He was so happy he kissed the frog and this broke the witches spell on the princess. The princess was the same her body grew back to its normal size and her beautiful elegant hair was flowing in the wind once more. They embraced each other and started crying tears of happiness as they had broken the witches spell. Not long after, the prince returned to his kingdom to take his rightful place on the throne and the princess accepted his invitation to marry him. They lived a long and successful rule as King and Queen. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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