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The Fur Industry

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An article by Samantha Gibson The fur coat you've been lusting over in Debenhams, it looks great doesn't it? 'Imagine how envious my friends are going to be when they see me wearing this!' is probably one of the things you are thinking, but did you ever stop to think where the fur has actually come from, or even which animal? Fashion4ward gives you the facts, and explains what really happens behind the supposed glitz and glamour of the fur industry. Firstly, and most importantly, you need to know the facts. If you are going to wear fur I believe you should be well informed of the gruesome reality of this so called 'fashion statement'. Every year hundreds of thousands, even millions of animals are slaughtered for their fur. You might just think that its animals like minks and rabbits that are used for their fur? Wrong. Foxes, raccoons, chinchillas, beavers, skunks, otters, even cats and dogs are killed for it on a daily basis. ...read more.


And what about seals? In 2005, more than 300,000 harp seals were killed during Canada's commercial seal hunt, which begins in late March and lasts until mid-May. These animals also are often skinned while conscious. All of this bloodshed for a supposedly 'luxury' item. All of this may come as a shock to you, but obviously it has failed to have the same effect on designers such as Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli and Miuccia Prada, as they still use fur in their collections. There is some good news though. A handful of designers, including Vivienne Westwood, Todd Oldham and Katharine Hamnett, will not use fur. Ralph Lauren announced a worldwide ban earlier this year, and Paul Smith has no fur in his current collection, and has no plans to use it. The famed high street store; Topshop has also boycotted using fur in its collections. Sadie Frost, the vegetarian half of design duo Frost French and the most recent star to take off their clothes in support of Peta's I Would Rather Go Naked campaign said recently, 'I've noticed fur coming back in the past five years, and it has been getting more and more outrageous. ...read more.


rabbits, nine beavers, thirty muskrats, fifteen bobcats, twenty-five skunks, fourteen otters, one hundred twenty-five ermines, thirty possums, one hundred squirrels, or twenty-seven raccoons. Eleven innocent lives just for that one silver fox fur coat? I can't actually even begin to comprehend the pointlessness of it. If changing your fur- wearing ways seems like it would be to difficult, think again. Top fashion stores including Topshop and Abercrombie and Fitch have many gorgeous jackets, sweaters, boots with faux fur lining. It looks just as good, but without the guilt. If you want a full list of stores and brands that do not use fur in their lines, visit www.peta.org for an extensive list of guilt-free clothing. The website also features in depth video expos´┐Ż's of what really goes on in fur farms around the world. If your opinion on fur hasn't changed by now, looking at those video's definitely will. So, if you're still in love with the thought of someday owning that fur coat, just take in to consideration the suffering that will have gone into making it. Is it really worth it? ...read more.

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