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The Fury

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The Fury Mrs Fletcher did not know what to do with herself. She could not believe what had just happened... Fletcher was gone, forever! Good riddance, she thought. She closed her eyes as cruel, burning thoughts washed over her. Fletch. His fancy woman. Those ruddy rabbits. Mrs Fletcher let out a guttural moan, her whole body convulsing uncontrollably. She was like a wild animal, wide-eyed, crazy and unpredictable. Mrs Fletcher seethed with rage as she thought again of her husband's betrayal. She had been so good to him for so long, how could he repay her in such a way? "Fancy woman!" She spat. "He can have all the fancy women he wants now!" her blood boiled as a new wave of fury washed over Mrs Fletcher - she had never been so angry. She decided to busy herself, to cast her mind off her husband. Hands shaking, she started to pick up the pieces of broken vase which were scattered all over the floor. "Ouch!" Screamed Mrs Fletcher, as she cradled her bleeding hand, "Just what I need." She dropped the pieces she had gathered and rushed to the kitchen in search of something to bandage her hands in. When she found no bandages, she remembered how Fletch had used them on his rabbits whenever one of them was injured. ...read more.


"You will be first, my pretty!" She exclaimed as she captured the small, white Angora, her first victim... ...Mrs Fletcher scurried back into her house, clutching the blood-covered knife to her bosom. She had done it! Those rabbits were gone, forever. She rushed into the kitchen and ran the tap. She washed the kitchen knife with extreme care, until she was satisfied that every single drop of blood was gone. She looked at the knife in her hands and the reality of what she had done finally hit her. What if Fletcher found out? She had murdered his beloved rabbits! What had she been thinking? Fletcher would hate her; he'd never forgive her for her hideous act of jealous rage. Mrs Fletcher began to scrub her hands in the freezing cold water - she had to get rid of all the evidence! Her hands were red and raw before she was satisfied. She looked down at her clothes and noticed they were covered in rabbits' blood. She had to dispose of them, fast. Mrs Fletcher tore the blood stained garments off and quickly put on some clothes that had been lying on the ironing board. She took her old dress into the front room and threw it into the fireplace. ...read more.


She felt dizzy and disorientated. The room was closing in on her and she thought she was going to go insane. Mrs Fletcher saw rabbits everywhere she looked, even Mrs Smith had turned into a fluffy white angora. Mrs Fletcher looked down at her hands... A spot, a single red spot. Blood? No, it couldn't be. She had washed her hands, hadn't she? Then, more of them appeared. Her hands were soon covered in blood, bright red and warm. Mrs Fletcher let out a yelp of horror. She couldn't let anyone see her like this, what was she to do? "Two fat ladies, its 88!" The woman announced. Mrs Fletcher grabbed her bag and started edging out of the bingo hall, hoping nobody would notice her hands. "Mrs Fletcher! Where're you goin'? We've only just begun, love!" Cried Mrs Smith, who was sitting at her table, watching Mrs Fletcher with puzzled and disbelieving expression across her face. It was too late, Mrs Fletcher was gone. Mrs Fletcher slammed her front door and collapsed in a heap in the hallways. She sobbed loudly, she hated herself for what she'd done. The rabbits, they were still there in her mind, haunting her. At least she was safe at home, away from prying eyes. No one would bother her here, not even Fletcher. He'd never come back to her. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kasia Kalinowska ...read more.

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