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THE FURY The wooden chrome brass-handled door slammed shut as the guilty Fletcher left the house leaving his mentally disturbed wife weeping in the deserted hallway. She fell to her knees and bawled so loudly in the shocking fact that her dearly loved husband had left her that even the deaf next-door neighbour Mrs Jones, tried to get a quick glance at what was happening through the living room window. She shed tears till a river had been created in front of her. As she gradually looked up you could see her bright red face had taken on such a different aspect it looked as if the entire colour from her whole body had been drained out in depression. The tears had smudged the entire make up on her pale face, to such a great extent that her eyes looked like the frightening mysterious night. "How could he, how could he leave me alone and go away?" Mrs Fletcher sobbed. " I can't believe it that my world of me and Fletcher is shattered into pieces with just one lie. If only I could take my few words of jealousy back." ...read more.


What about my adorable rabbits?" He sat himself onto a bench. After a lot of thought he asked. "Should I go back home?" Later in the evening while preparing dinner, the little boy came gently down the stairs and asked. "Where's papa, mum?" "He's gone to work and he'll come late", his mum lied. After she had served her son dinner and eaten it herself she put her young son to bed. While she washed the plates and cutlery, she remembered her wedding day how beautiful she looked and how handsome Fletcher had looked in his navy suit. Suddenly one of the plates crashed into the washing basin and shattered into pieces. Mrs Fletcher got a startling shock and a jolt of pain as one of the pieces of the broken glass had cut through into her skin. As she aided her finger in the living room she saw her reflection in the switched off television. She saw how bad her face looked, pale, and dejected. A sparkle of revenge shone in her eyes. She ran back to the kitchen and seized the butcher's knife and headed outside in the backyard. ...read more.


Nevertheless they couldn't do anything, as the killer who had killed their other companion had completely turned mad. She grabbed another rabbit and the other pair couldn't do anything but watch. Using the knife she killed the rabbit. Mrs Fletcher's hands were covered with innocent red blood. She brutally murdered the third other rabbit as well. The last rabbit gave Mrs Fletcher a hard time. It kept hopping around the hutch but finally it was caught too. After a few minutes even that rabbit lay slaughtered in its killer's hands. She flung it into a space. "I told you if he can't be mine, he can't be yours either," cackled Mrs Fletcher. As the brutal killer looked around in the hutch she saw blood had spattered the whole hutch. She made it look as if and intruder had broken into the hutch and slaughtered the rabbits. The sly woman took the knife carefully and washed it. In a split second it seemed as if she'd completely forgotten everything, which had happened. "Why am I holding this knife?" She innocently said as she placed it back. "It's rather late, where's my Fletcher? He should've been here two hours ago." She fell asleep on the maroon leather sofa waiting for Fletcher but to her surprise the next morning he still hadn't come back from the show. ...read more.

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