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The Fury

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The Fury She didn't get any sleep that night, pondering her next lie, she got out of bed 2 hours before first light, 2 hours before her husband would go to work and find his rabbits dead. She tried to comfort herself with the belief that the love between her and her husband would prevail over his love for the rabbits. 'He loves me', she said, 'He'll forget the rabbits', she repeated, over and over again until the very words began to lose meaning. She panicked, but out of a seemingly hopeless situation, she began to devise a sinister plan in which, if all went well, her husband would never find out. But suddenly, 'Mornin darlin, a bit early in the morning for breakfast, isn't it?' he inquired. 'Eh, sorry dear, I couldn't sleep', she replied tensely. 'I know what ya mean, the rooms bloody boilin!', he said 'Well, I'm goin outback tah check on those rabbits o'mine', Mr.Fletcher said, in the most pleasant manner. 'NO!' she screamed, leaping to the door as if suddenly struck by a bolt of electricity. ...read more.


With the absence of compassion, a new feeling arose, a feeling of great suspicion and mistrust. His brows lowered, and he began to storm towards the bedroom, but he slowly began to think, 'Let's wait a while, find out if my lass actually did it, and then play with her for a bit', he said disturbingly, and with it a short laugh. His madness has now caused him to talk to himself. Mr Fletcher went to work, same time as usual, and Mrs Fletcher began her plot to conceal the rabbits, not knowing that her husband had already seen them, she began cleaning up the hatches, picking up the corpses and replacing the blood soaked hay. All this, and she didn't notice that her neighbour, Mrs.Sykes was watching her, terrified at what she saw. She shouted, 'Mrs.Fletcher!, what in God's name are you doing?'. With that, a strong tremor ran through the whole of Mrs.Fletcher's body, and she turned around and walked up to Mrs.Sykes, 'Oh it was terrible Mrs.Sykes, those damned foxes, oh, Fletcher will be so disappointed, I was 'opin that you wouldn't tell him, that you would, not to be rude, but, keep away from him, ignore him almost, could you do that for me Mrs.Sykes?' ...read more.


How dare you lie to me!' he shouted. 'What? Fletcher, what's wrong, what's the matter?' She was terrified 'You killed em, didn't ya! DIDN'T YA! ANSWER ME, THAT'S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO!' he screamed 'YES! YES! I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do, please...!' tears ran down her face. 'I HATE YOU, AND IF I EVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN, IT'LL BE TOO SOON, YOU'RE THE ONLY DIRTY BAGGAGE I CAN SEE AROUND HERE!' His voice bellowed through the 2 bedroom terraced house. With that, she ran to the bedroom, crying, screaming, Fletcher, stood, his breath hard and loud, and his heart, like thunder storm, he sat in his chair, and began to consider whether he should forgive and forget, but then he went to see the hutches, he marched to the garden, he saw the new rabbits, the new hay, the fixed hutches, his face went red, purple, black. He wanted to run out of the house and stay in the local park till he calmed down, but now, he needed to finish it, He grabbed a kitchen knife and ran upstairs into the bedroom, his fury........ .......a scream, 'what have I done?' ...read more.

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