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The Fury continued.

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The Fury continued Mrs Fletcher lay uncomfotbaly in the early hours of the morning as the soft, warm light leaked through the gaps in the curtains and lay over herself and her loved one. It would now only be there last few hours left together before routine would force Mr Fletcher to wake up and check on his beloved Angoras. She stroked his arm up and down trying to cherish, absorb and take in every second with him. As more and more light seeped through the heavily patterned curtains Mr Fletcher awoke from a night he would never forget and into a morning of the same kind. ''Aawwwwwha" morning dear "Good as it gets" "Ill best be checking on the Angoras then" Mrs Fletcher had been awake long before her husband but just now it had hit her about what she had done now she would have to face the consequences. ...read more.


Mrs Fletcher stared into space, as she was about to leave everything she loved. As Mr Fletcher walked down the stairs and into the kitchen a stampede of footsteps hurried down the stairs and followed. " How about breakfast" she said gasping for air. Mr Fletcher looked puzzlingly at her. What's she up to he thought "sure why not they can wait a while longer I suppose "Mrs Fletcher cracked two eggs into a frying pan as Mr Fletcher poured himself a cup of coffee. Mrs Fletcher peered out the window at the bloodstained grass and rabbit carcasses drenched in blood, lying just beside the hutch. "Well honey as you're making breakfast ill check on the rabbits, then we can spend the whole morning together" "No" "What" " I mean" she hesitated to finish the sentence. "Well.... you mean what?" she moved in front of the door. "Look is there something you should tell me? ...read more.


He walked up to the hutch. He paused for a moment he was speechless. All the feeling stayed inside brewing: disappointment, anger, hate. He took one last look at the blood-drenched angoras and the blood sprayed grass and walked inside. "Honey" he shouted, "honey" he said in lower tone of voice he looked to the stove. She was standing there. "I wanted you to only love me, " she said still looking out the window" "I do but how could you" he couldn't get out words to describe how he was feeling right now. He glanced down, there was a blood trail on the floor. He followed it, it ran across the floor to his bloodstained wife. "What have you done? ......Why?..........oh no. "I wanted you to only to love me" she gasped for air the knife dropped out of her cold hand. "But I only love you" In her last breath she forced out the words " I wanted you to only love me. She lay still palefaced; blooddrentched in her lovers arms the place she wanted to be all along. Harvinder Tagger 11A ...read more.

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