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The Fury - Monday morning Mr Fletcher was still asleep but Mrs Fletcher lay wide awake staring out of the window that over looked the back garden.

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The Fury Monday morning Mr Fletcher was still asleep but Mrs Fletcher lay wide awake staring out of the window that over looked the back garden. She looked at the clock and could see that Jim had half an hour before his alarm went off. She got up quietly and got dressed then she put his alarm forward an hour, then she crept down stairs and went into the garden. Mrs Fletcher could see bloody hand prints all over the hutches. She opened the door quietly, desperately wishing to see the rabbits sleeping quietly, but when she opened the door a morbid smell of rotting flesh and blood made her stomach crawl. She ran back inside and quietly closed the back door. ...read more.


You've never been interested before.' 'Just hurry up and get to work before you get the sack.' Mr Fletcher unshaven and trying to put his jacket on quickly went out of the door with his shirt hanging out and hurried down the road to work. Mrs Fletcher came in from the garden with her arms covered in blood and holding a box wrapped in old sheets and a black bag with bloody hay coming out. She hid them in the bottom of the bins and then she got a bucket of water and started scrubbing the bloody hand prints of the hutch doors rabidly, but cautiously looking over her shoulder every five minutes. When Mr Fletcher came home all the curtains were open and the room seemed bright and fresh. ...read more.


Mr Fletcher turned round to the hutches 'Well every-thing's fine now.' But just before opening the hutch door Mr Fletcher noticed something shining in the sun at the back of the hutches, but when he looked it was the poker with blood and rabbit fur on it. He quickly rushed to open the hutch door but when he finally opened the door the hutch was empty. Mr Fletcher stood there for a moment looking at the poker while He became more and more livid. He stormed to the back door in a rage with the poker stick in his hand. Mrs Sykes was now staring over the fence again 'Is Mrs Fletcher there only I wanted to ask her something?' Mr Fletcher went in side and slammed the back door. That night Mrs Fletcher never came out, and she never spoke to or saw Mrs Sykes again. ...read more.

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