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The Fury

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The Fury The dark cloud of rage arose in Mrs Fletcher's body; she began to tremble with hatred, she was like a bomb about to explode if the right wire wasn't cut. For what had seemed like happiness was suddenly washed down the drain. Her one and only had unexpectedly deserted in her in the now abandoned house the banging of the door when Fletcher left gave gunshots to Mrs Fletcher's ears. She brutally staggered her way to the kitchen rummaging for a little bottle which she had been saving, tackling the cupboard she finally found the tiny vodka bottle and devoured it with one gulp, whilst wiping the residue of her mouth with her ragged torn bright top. The cold night's breeze brought chills down Mrs Fletcher's back, she slowly lifted herself up and made her way to the bathroom crawling into the bathtub she curved her weary body into a foetus shape, weeping her sorrows and remembering Mrs Skyes words over and over again. "He's probably cheating on you." Mrs Fletcher began to shake in the bathtub as if having a seizure. ...read more.


The rabbit's insides flew everywhere like doves released for the first time. Mrs Fletcher smiled as she picked up the rabbits heart and clobbered the blood from it leaving a taste of bitterness. The blood was a source of energy to Mrs Fletcher as the adrenaline kicked in and got Mrs Fletcher more hysterical. The tenderness of Mrs Fletcher's body twisted her fiery eyes looking directly at the rabbit hutch the madness corrupted Ms Fletcher again as she began to pull her hair faster than before, instantaneously she began to push her hair back brushing it with her cold fat fingers just before her next crusade she added a dose of lipstick to her dry, rusty lips. She snatched another rabbit from it hutch tenderly whispering in the rabbits ear "have a nice night". She rushes the rabbit inside the house and hangs it by the fur upon the dart board, ushing her lips on the creature she left her trail with the perfectly made lips upon the rabbit's forehead. She takes hold of the darts and looks at them "I've never played darts before today's a good day to start hahahah" she laughed sarcastically and started pounding on the darts chucking them at the rabbit. ...read more.


Mrs Fletcher hung the rabbit on the washing line, as she groomed the rabbit's fur with her sharp nails; she took a few steps back. With such will she suddenly pointed the gun at the poor innocent rabbit. "Where shall we shoot you? In the stomach? Nah, in the chest? Nah, I think we should shoot you in the head" Mrs Fletcher yellow teeth spitted out butter as she laughed with hysteria. BANG, BANG, BANG. A woman of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. And when the weeds begin to grow it's like a garden full of snow. And when the snow begins to fall it's like a bird upon the wall. And when the bird away does fly it's like an eagle in the sky. And when the sky begins to roar it's like a lion at the door. And when the door begins to crack it's like a snicker across her back. And when your back begins to smart it's like a pen knife in your heart. And when your heart begins to bleed your dead and dead and dead in deed. By Ljaureta Krasniqi ?? ?? ?? ?? Ljaureta Krasniqi 1 ...read more.

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