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'The Game of Rivalry.'

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'THE GAME OF RIVALRY' Stevie and Johnny, two normal 16-year-old lads who like fast cars, women and football, In particular Manchester City. Quiet lads they never seemed to put a foot wrong. Stevie lives with his Nan and Grandad on Manchester's Moss-side estate after his parents died in a car crash. Where as Johnny lived had the an unbroken home also living on the estate Morning broke upon Moss Side. It was an all to familiar sight for the local residents as road sweepers were clearing up some of the carnage from the previous nights riots. But this was just a sign of things to come. This is a rivalry that would spilt families and an entire city. And for two friends Stevie Jones and Johnny Phillips it would change their lives forever. It was the week of the Manchester Derby and there had been 3 previous nights of rioting sparked off by local gangs intent on trouble. In Moss-side you were either a red or a blue. The Blues were the hardcore die hard lot who had seen it all in there time where as the reds seemed to include anyone who likes winning. ...read more.


A stunned Johnny was delighted as the former England Manger was ringing from his own house after watching a report on breakfast television. Kevin Keegan said 'call me anytime and ill sort out some tickets for you for Saturdays match and ill pick you up and take you'. Johnny in a state of mourning could not believe his own ears as he gratefully accepted this kind offer. The day seemed to just trickle by as every noise made any sense he sensed reminded Johnny of his best friend. News filtered through that the maniac who murdered Ste had given himself up to police. It turned out the guy didn't even like football he was just drugged up. Little comfort to Stevies family and of course Johnny. Saturday came and Kevin Keegan rang to check Johnny's address. Johnny realised it was true and any lingering doubts over the authenticity of the call were gone. A bit later on a horn sounded outside. A sparking silver Mercedes Benz was waiting and out of the drivers window Kevin Keegan's head popped out and shouted. 'Come on kid, we've got a game to go to' The journey to the was only short and silent until Kevin Keegan said 'I've only ever told a few people this, but what happened to you happened to me along time ago. ...read more.


This was it time stood still as the ball hung in the air. We were now into the added on time. The corner was cleared. Hope seemed to of faded and streams of 'Die-Hard' Manchester City fans headed for the exits. Then after an enforced error Manchester City had another corner the ball was delivered perfectly and GGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL. The majority crowd went wild Manchester City had equalised through the head of Anelka. Surely they could go on to win this game. COULD THEY............ The City fans now sensed they could win this game. The clock stood at 93.04. City had 56 seconds to find the winning goal. A long surging ball form defece found the intended right boot of Anelka who instinctively shoots. Johnny's heart seemed to be in his mouth as Anelka unleashed this shot. Could it be the Manchester City fans prayed for the ball to pierce the back of the Manchester United net? Agonisingly the ball hit the post. 35,000 Manchester City fans gasped as Shaun Goater ran clear to follow the shot up and can he score? YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS . Manchester City had done it Goater ran up to the bench and handed Johnny his shirt. It was the same shirt Ste was wearing when he was killed the referee blew his final whistle this was a fitting memory for Stevie. ...read more.

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