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The game that ended my football dreams

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´╗┐The Game that Crushed Dreams Ashley Labarre 316954 Ms. Axt Period 2 November 5, 2011 ________________ Running, high knees, skipping, passing, just the various warm up exercises executed by a team of thirteen before the 3:45 game; the game that changed my soccer career. (Periodic) After the short fifteen minute warm-up, we began to stretch the muscles of our Abby Wambach bodies. (Metaphor) ?Water break!? Coach, a plebian, robust man in his early thirties, exclaimed. Cold water running down the back of my throat, adrenaline pumping through every vein in my body, a mere ten minutes until the game starts. ?Go pass the ball around!? Coach shouted. (Personification) ?Ugh,? moaned Skylar querulously, coach?s daughter, the goalie of our team. ?Shooting drills ladies,? I commanded, directing the team on what drill to carry out next, ?keep the ball on target, and get it in the back of the net!? We were all dressed in our aesthetic white jerseys, every shirt with a distinct number for every player, and our blue shorts, imprinted on them an identical number. ...read more.


Everyone stopped as the ball crossed the boundary line, and the referee signaled a throw-in favoring my team. I picked up the ball and slung it like a human sling shot up the field to a teammate. (Simile) A shout from the other side of the field, ?I?m open!? shrieked Alex Waters, a five foot girl with long, luscious brown hair. The ball was launched to other side of the field, but Alex, in fact, was not open. The yellow team, Downtown was their name, possessed the ball once again. The opponent team crept closer and closer toward our goal, their crowd going wild with shouts. ?BLAAAM!? the girl kicked the ball, but Skylar caught the ball with ease, almost as if there had been super glue on her gloves, and their crowd became quicky quiescent. (Onomatopoeia) Five minutes had elapsed in the game; Skylar had the ball in her hands looking for an opportunity to kick it down the field to a player. ...read more.


She then stared me in the eyes and said straight-faced, but almost mockingly, ?You possibly tore your ACL, and you will have to have surgery.? My heart immediately sunk into my stomach: ?surgery.? At the thought of that I began to weep. She reassured me, ?Don?t worry it is just surgery.? I thought, ?JUST surgery, was this woman crazy? Does she know what that means?? (Epiplexis) Thinking back, two months ago, the soccer game that changed my career, and now I am here, lying supine on this cold operating table, drifting away into a deep sleep. I was devastated after the injury, but my surgeon was extravagant, and my knee is back to normal. I have to continue to strive for dreams, even if obstacles seem impervious to overcome. Four months I was on crutches, seven months I was in a brace, after six months I could finally jog, and almost a year after my surgery, July 21, 2009, I was finally released to play soccer again, but for a life time, I have a six-inch scar that reminds me of that inauspicious game. ...read more.

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