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The Game That Went Wrong!

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It was 9.00pm on a dark and cold night. Michael, Simon, Steffanie and Gemma were walking through the woods. "God it's a bit dark here init!" said Steff as they were trudging through the dirt and the tall, dark trees. "God you're a wimp!" said Mike as he came up behind her and scared her half to death. Steff grabbed his hand so tightly you could nearly see his face turn purple. "Guys.....!" shouted gem a few feet behind them, "I think we've lost si!" "What do you mean LOST him?" "He was right behind us!" said a scared and worried steff, "you know si, he's probably just being stupid" "yeh well it isn't very funny is it! "Si, Si, give it up now, it isn't funny" They kept walking while shouting him. "Guys, he's bin gone for nearly an hour now, where is he?" gem said! They kept walking and finally came to the end of the woods; Steff was really worrying about him now. "I thought I said to stick together but no... ...read more.


"Look... I aint leaving until we have found him!" "Im not giving up, he wouldn't give up on us!" It was at this point that everyone was panicking and didn't know what to do." Ring his mum; ask her if she's heard from him!" Gem pulled out her phone and started to ring, there was no answer, "I think they must be out or something because they aren't answering." We've got half an hour to find him!" "If he doesn't turn up we'll just have to hope he's turned up at home or something!" They all stayed together and kept searching but they didn't find him, it was now 11.30pm and to it was too dark and too late to keep looking for him. "I think we should get going" They all started walking up the street "I will try ringing his parents again when I get in, if I hear anything I will let u know!" ...read more.


"I hope he's ok or I will never forgive myself!" "Look I'm really sorry but I've got to go now, a police car has just pulled up outside my house!" "Ok, what are you going to say?" "I'm gonna be honest and tell them everything!" "Ok ring me later and tell me how it's gone, tra!" Mike opened the door to the two police officers and they came in and sat down. With the look on the officers faces, Mike started to worry, "Were very sorry to deliver this news to you but I'm afraid we found Simons body!" "We found it in a black bag amongst some bushes deep in the woods, were very sorry!" Mike paused and didn't say anything, he was completely taken back. "God!! I didn't think he was dead, when did you find him, we were only having a bit of fun!!" "Were very sorry!" "I think his parents may want to speak to you shortly!" "Err err yeh that's ok!" the police officers got up and walked out!" ...read more.

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