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The German Job

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The German Job By Tom Prendergast I could tell he was aiming bottom left. I just knew by the way he was standing nervously, waiting for the whistle. Putting the shiny white ball on the perfectly marked spot, stepping slowly back, lining up the crucial shot. Everyone silent. Ten other players hoping their schoolboy dreams would come true. Seventy six thousand fans from around the world packed into the Olympiastadion Berlin waiting anxiously for one single kick. Tens of millions watching carefully from houses, pubs and streets and then there was us, ten rows up, right behind the goal with a perfect view of the fear in the taker's eyes, ready to jump up in joy or drop in despair and after coming all this way we needed something special. All that long, hard labour, all of those brainless, dangerous risks and the bits of luck we had along the way, but to get so close to our dream only to be crushed and by the worst possible team, but........... wait, I better tell you how we got here first. My name is Jonathan Francis, also know as John, Jono, Frankie, Francy, Franny, King Kong - don't ask, but most people call me Johnny. I've always had this dream, since I was little enough to kick a ball, to go to a World Cup Final and see England win against the Germans in the final - for obvious reasons, but I always knew that it wasn't going to be very likely with it always being far away in America or Korea or somewhere that I can only go in dreams. ...read more.


So we thought we need money were do we go, a short silence while we thought of how to get around the problem when we all jumped out up and shouted 'PARENTS' followed seconds later by Mickey who was just a little slower than the rest of us. Mickey's dad is a bricklayer and one of the nicest people you'll every meet. He had always left open an offer for Mickey and a friend to work with him and get paid, of course. Healthy said he had a good income from somewhere which matched what Mickey and Jack would be getting from doing the bricklaying, I wondered where but didn't think to ask because my mind was taken by the possibility of going to the World Cup Final! Now that just left me and Pablo and I had a great idea. I remembered my Uncle, you know the one with the massive house in Wales that worked at a Mercedes car showroom and had told me that he was looking for two, maybe three young, smart, quick apprentices to take on. Well we're young, so hopefully that will do. Next task was to find out how much it was going to cost, so later that night Pablo got on the Internet to see what he could find. What he found was not quite what we were hoping for. After Pablo had found out how much this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity would cost we then had the next hard task - parents. ...read more.


When he came in with them they just sat down and said nothing. Healthy started explaining and nobody else dared to move, while Edna and John just sat in complete silence. Once Healthy had finished explaining, on his own, for the first time that night and probably ever John said something. 'Can we be left alone please?' Not good. So we all left the room to let Healthy talk to his parents in private. We must have waited at least half an hour until he came out with a disappointed face and we all realized what had happened. We stepped outside and asked him. Sighing, he slowly whispered 'Yes'. I tell you I was so close to fainting with relief. So it meant three yeses and a maybe which should turn into a yes if Pablo's parents are happy with our plans, so we all ran to Pablo's with excitement, knowing we were so close to tasting the atmosphere of the World Cup Final. It was starting to get late by the time we arrived at Pablo's. We tried to calm ourselves down while running up the Pablo's road and as we got to the drive Bella and Peter answered the door and told us that all the other parents had phoned and informed them about what we were proposing to do, including my mum. Then Peter told us what they had all decided. As long as we organized the whole trip ourselves then yes we could go. As soon as he said that one word, yes, we all went mental and started running up and down the road shouting and screaming, 'WE'RE GOING TO THE WORLD CUP!' ...read more.

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