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The Ghost In The Black Gown

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The Ghost In The Black Gown It was the year 1972 September 8th. The wind was gushing into my face; the rain was pelting down on my head. My car had just broken down in the middle of the woods and there was no kind of help in sight. There were heavy thunderstorms, and I heard the birds fluttering away. It was scary looking at the sky. I walked a few yards and I saw in the distance an eerie looking house. I was hesitant to go to the house for help but realized there was no other option. As I walked cautiously towards the house I heard the clock struck one from inside. I looked up as the moon shone brightly back at me. Knocking on the door I heard a creaking sound coming from inside. My heart was beating so fast I thought I would faint at any minute. I saw a dull sign on the door which read 'National Woods. In the darkness of the night the house looked grayish and it had two misty black doors: one was at the back and one was at the main entrance. ...read more.


Mrs. Brown said, "Goodnight. I'll see you in the morning," and she left. As I sat down on the bed, I saw a huge spider run across the room. I ran out of the room and down the stairs. I just missed a step and I fell over bashing my head towards the brown greasy wall. Mr. Birch came sprinting to me and asked if I needed help. I said, "No, I'm fine. Just missed a step. I am actually quite scared of spiders so when I saw one I freaked out." "Oh don't worry," he said, "they won't harm you." "I can't sleep, is there any chance I could get a glass of milk?" I asked. "Yeah, sure! Follow me." He replied. I followed him to the kitchen and I sat down on the kitchen table as he handed me the glass of milk. He whispered to me, "I'll have a glass of milk as well and give you company." I secretly felt relieved that he would stay. ...read more.


It was almost 2 o'clock in the morning and my eyes were starting to feel heavy so I excused myself and started walking towards my room. As I walked out of the kitchen I heard Mr. Birch call out, "Be careful!" Up the stairs I went and was walking on the corridor towards my room when I felt like someone was watching me. At first, I just thought I was being paranoid and was terrified to look back. It was quite chilly in the corridor, so I hurried towards my room when I heard a noise behind me. I didn't want to look back but I did! There I saw the ghost just as Mr. Birch had described: the black gown and the pale face. Our eyes met and I felt the blood throbbing through my veins. I was so terrified I just walked back to the room and tried to sleep, all the time thinking whether I would wake up the next day, and get out of this house to go back home to my son. I just wish I do! The question is will she or will she not? ?? ?? ?? ?? Rupa Patel 11NA 1 ...read more.

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