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The Gift of life

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06/04/2003 Prashanthini.S THE GIFT OF LIFE Sally lay there gazing at the hospital ceiling decorated with numbers, letters and colours which even a four year old would get bored at watching all day. The least they could do was to put her in a normal ward. But no.... the mere reason that she was under sixteen resulted in her being admitted into the paediatric ward. She stared at the bavilion of colours and cascaded into a vortex of memories of the past. Sally gazed at her watch at what seemed to be the 50th time in that hour. Time couldn't have gone any slower. She was sitting there at the back of the class in Sunday school hoping it would finish soon. Waking up at eight in the morning on a Sunday was torture as it is but also having to put up with Hitler at the front of the class was just living hell. On usual days she wouldn't have minded but today she just wasn't in the mood. Her head was throbbing like a chick waiting to hatch. She just didn't understand why. She wasn't prone to illness like her mum or her sister. ...read more.


Jane had got very worried and had arranged an appointment with the GP at two o'clock for Sally. "Sally Fitzgerald" called the receptionist at the GP. "Dr Stanley is waiting for you in room three" Sally thanked the receptionist and walked briskly to room three followed closely by her mum. Dr Stanley had been their family doctor for years and was also a close friend of Jane so he knew Sally quite well. "So what brings you here today Sal?" questioned Dr Stanley. "Well...i have been.........." started Sally but was soon interrupted by her mother: "I'm very worried about her James. She has had a constant headache all day yesterday. At first I thought it was just normal migraine but it got severe during the night and I'm really concerned" said Jane looking rather beleaguered. "Come on Jane. You should know better. After all you've gone through with your headaches you are still worried?" questioned Dr Stanley. "No James its just that.............Drop it Jane, there's nothing wrong with young Sal here. She's just got a lot of things in her mind. It must be stress. Let her relax and I'll prescribe some painkillers for her" interrupted Dr Stanley without letting Jane finish her sentence. ...read more.


The thing about high school is that, news gets around school faster than the pupils do. By lunchtime nearly everyone in year 10 had heard about Sally's blank out just before registration. Sally took Mel's advice and tried not to listen to the unkind remarks being passed at her. She tried to stay focus in lessons but her head was hurting her so much that she couldn't concentrate. To make it worse, Sally's English teacher set their coursework to be handed in the following week. English wasn't Sally's best subject but she tried her best to obtained good results. When she got home, Sally ran to her mum and started crying. "I know I'm acting really immature but I can't take it mum. My head is too painful," sobbed Sally tearfully. Jane didn't know what to say. She had never been in this situation before. Eventually after a lot of consideration Jane ordered, "That's it, we are going to the GPs right away and sorting this out". And with that Jane grabbed her car keys from the living room table and stomped out via the kitchen door. Sally, unable to refuse followed dejectedly behind her mum. At the Gp's Jane demanded an emergency appointment with Dr Stanley. ...read more.

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