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The Gift (short story)

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´╗┐The Gift ? Reece Buckle My fingers glide across the smooth leather fabric constituting my backpack. It also accommodates the tools necessary to carry out my mission: duct tape, rope, a universal lock pick, a miniature first aid kit, and most importantly, highly flammable fuel as well as a lighter. After checking them off in my head, I hastily equip my trench coat. I?ve always been fond of this coat; it?s very good at concealing items I don?t wish to expose. I have an itching desire to wield the serrated knife discreetly lurking on the interior of my belt. You see I couldn?t quite make my up my mind whether I wanted to use a generic kitchen blade or a serrated one; a standard edged knife would result in a swift clean kill, but one that performs as a saw proves much more efficient. The time is exactly 04:16, so the digital wrist watch strapped to my forearm informs me. ...read more.


I fish out a map scrunched in one of the many pockets in my trench coat. The map illustrates a diagram of the building?s interior, so I can navigate with ease. My primary destination is now only a three minute walk away. Before I leave, I withdraw some of the supplies from my backpack. After wrapping some tape around the rope, creating a makeshift fuse, I immerse the contents of the cupboard with fuel. The fuse should burn up within a matter of minutes. Timing is crucial. Loudening speech can be heard as several elderly come into range. ?If only we spent more time with her? ruefully empathises one lady before the other belligerently retorts ?Yes, I know, but if we stayed any longer I?d have gotten a parking ticket?. I?m almost at the controls room now. My aim there is to shut down the alarm systems, and dispose of any security. ...read more.


He stumbles backwards, and with another blow his newly disfigured face abandons him. Jumping back to the controls desk, a volley of punches on buttons subsequently turns off the water sprinkling system, so my inescapable fire won?t be restrained. The monitoring screen shows the maintenance cupboard already blazing out of control. I dump the rest of my flammable agent equidistantly around the controls room. And after dowsing it with fuel, I light the edge with my lighter. The erupting inferno of flames is somewhat impressive. I sprint back and distance myself from the exit I came in. ?That was quite an adrenaline rush? I murmur to myself. However I shortly realise my throat became raw and pained from the smouldering smoke. So I?m relieved to be in the cool fresh air again, and imperceptible under the overgrowth of foliage. I can?t help but feeling rather proud. I feel no remorse for the fatalities I?ve caused, as this is justified by my rather generous gift. ...read more.

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