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The Girlfriends Revenge

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The Girlfriends Revenge I put the key into the ignition and turned on my car. I have been thinking lately that Steve may be going out with another woman. There have been just little things, like the one time he came over and he smelled like perfume and had a small amount of make-up on his shirt collar. He said that he had just hugged an old friend, but it has happened a lot more lately. So, I have taken it upon myself to find out the truth if he won't tell me. He said that he was going out with some of the guys from work tonight to go play pool. I decided to take this as my golden opportunity to see what he was really up to. I drove to all of his usual hangouts until I saw him. There he is walking down the street, "who is that with him?" I asked myself out loud. It was a tall woman with brown hair and he had his arm around her waist and looked very cosy. They were laughing and talking as they walked down the street. I looked down at the clock. It was 9.30. They stopped and sat on a bench. I pulled into a parking lot across the street to watch. ...read more.


I got to room 109, Steve's room. I put the key into the lock and turned it slowly. It made a small click that seemed to echo through the entire hallway. I looked around to make sure no one heard me and slowly opened the door. His apartment was completely dark. I knew this place just as I knew my own house. I walked in and silently closed the door behind me, no need to lock it as I would be hopefully leaving within an hour. I walked through his small apartment with the backpack on one shoulder. His bedroom door was closed and I could faintly hear the constant snoring coming from Steve. I turned the door knob and opened the door slowly. When I got near to his bed and I could see that he was crawled out on his back. I was glad that he was a heavy sleeper or else my plan wouldn't work. I walked into his room and set my backpack down on the floor. "I'm here Steve, I'm here for my revenge" I whispered barely loud enough for even myself to hear. I unzipped my backpack and took out the rope first. I tied it to his ankle and cut it with my knife. I tied the other end to the bedpost. ...read more.


I taught him a lesson and I got my stuff and left. The cops would never suspect me as I was his little loving girlfriend. A girl could never tie him up and do all that. That's what they think. They don't know what a girl is capable of when she feels that betrayed. I walked out and locked the door behind me. I put the key into the lock and turned it. Once I heard the click I pulled out the key and walked out to the big elevator. I pushed the down button and the doors opened right away. I stepped in and looked back one last time at his door "Goodbye Steve. I'm sorry it had to come to this" I whispered and a single tear slid down my cheek. That is the only tear I would shed. It was his fault and I had to do what I did. The lobby was still empty as I got out of the elevator and went to my car. I put the backpack in the back seat and got in to the car and as I started the car I looked down at the clock, it was 2.52. I turned on the radio but I couldn't really hear it. I was just numb and I just had to go home and go to bed. They wouldn't find the body for a while. Maybe I'll be the one to call the police because I'm worried about him. You never know. I 1 Sohail Bhamjee ...read more.

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