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The Glass Menagerie

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Themes and symbols in The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie is written by Tennessee Williams and it is an incredible play where symbolism plays a very important role. Many different symbols are used in the play and almost all of them can be connected to what according to me is the biggest theme of the play, escape. Tennessee Williams describes in The Glass Menagerie the three main characters, their dreams and their escapes, from reality and from the family. The play takes place in the apartment of the Wingfield family, an apartment where none of the members of the family really wants to live. ...read more.


Her physically and emotionally state makes her as fragile as her glass menagerie, and together with her glass menagerie Laura lives in an imaginary world, not even close to reality. Amanda, the mother in the family, has lived in a world of economic wealth where she had plenty of gentlemen callers with high social status. Nowadays she lives in the center of her memories with a hope that she will succeed in recreating her youth through Laura. One of the biggest symbols symbolizing escape is the fire escape, a place where only Tom goes out. The fire escape is a symbol for freedom, since it separates the apartment from the reality, and it allows Tom to leave the apartment and get away from his irritating mother. ...read more.


This because it reminds Tom that escape is possible, and even though Tom is unsure about leaving or not, the picture of his father hanging on the wall drives him to his final escape from the apartment, from his mother, and from Laura. Tom escapes the apartment and his family, Amanda escapes the present and enters her memories, and Laura escapes reality inside the apartment where she has her glass menagerie and records. Tennessee Williams uses the theme of escape frequently through The Glass Menagerie to describe the fact that none of Tom, Laura, or Amanda, ever gets the chance to experience their dreams as they wish to. And I believe that Tennessee Williams perhaps is trying to convey the message that you should solve your problems, not avoid them, or escape from them. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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