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The Glass Menagerie - By paying close attention to detail, describe how Williams creates tension on the part of Tom.

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By paying close attention to detail, describe how Williams creates tension on the part of Tom The Glass Menagerie is a play that deals with a strong mix of emotions, including sadness, loneliness, anger and pride. This is especially true for the character of Tom. Williams uses many different ways of portraying Tom's feelings, and these become apparent when reading the play. I think one of the most important factors in the play is the role of the absent father. The fact that Williams chose to have his picture hanging in the family's living room through the entire play brings an underlying atmosphere, which is always present. Because of his fathers absence Tom feels a huge amount of pressure upon him this is due to a number of reasons. ...read more.


(Scene one, lines 32 to 33). Williams also creates tension when Amanda focuses her attention on her so She knows that Tom is unhappy, but instead of helping him she decides to "turn a blind eye" and act as though he is going through a phase. But deep down she is terrified that he is turning into his father, "I see you taking after his ways!" (Scene 4, line 134). She also makes him promise that he will never turn out to be an alcoholic. This puts Tom under enormous expectation. Both Amanda and Laura know that he could easily leave them in the same way his own father did. Does Tom want to leave? It is a fair comment to say that he is longing to escape from his life in St. Louis. ...read more.


This upsets Laura, which make Tom feel awful. He did not do it on purpose but he knows that if he leaves, it will have the same effect on her. He feels sorry for Laura, partly because of her slight disability but mainly due to the constant fussing she gets from his mother. Tennessee Williams was from Southern America, and therefore had an insider's account on how life was. The play is set in St Louis which is, although not in the deep South, a typical southern town with southern values. Being mainly right-wing part of America means that certain qualities. A young man like Tom should be dating respectable, pretty young ladies whilst working his way to promotion at his job. However, Tom shows no interest in the warehouse or women, but only in the movies (where he claims that he goes every night); writing poems and adventure. ...read more.

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