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The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams.

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The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, set in St. Louis, America during the depression of the 1930s is an influential and stirring play. The play is formed with four characters. Amanda, Tom, Laura and Mr.Wingfield. Amanda is the mother of Tom and Laura, Amanda's son and daughter. Amanda is also the widow of Mr. Wingfield because Mr. Winfield left her sixteen years ago with Tom and Laura. Tom is a poet with a hunger for adventure and has a great desire to escape from the prison environment his mother has created for him at her home. Laura cannot be well described in the passage as she only has one line to say in the script provided. This script can show many key points about the characters and their relationship with one another. Amanda in this passage is seen as a person who wants total domination, total control over things that happen in and around her household. ...read more.


It is due to this fact that she has a self belief that it is Tom's moral obligation is to provide as a substitute head of the family. However for Tom this means that he has to stay in Amanda's household. To him Amanda's home is an abstract prison. This can be seen by action such as Amanda grabbing Tom when he tries going out to the movies after the heated conversation. This can show that Amanda wants to live has the need to live in her past life but because she is now old and is unable to provide for herself by herself and because her husband left her she is now purposely making to Tom provide for her so she can reminisce her past. Comments such as: " I think you've been doing things that you are ashamed of, that's why you act like this, nobody goes to the movies after night" shows how much Amanda believes that rather than Tom wasting time in the movies he should be providing for her. Tom at present is Amanda's only form of income. ...read more.


Another the example that proves this point is Amanda's comment "you g et three hours' sleep and then you go to work" this shows how little time Tom wants to spend in Amanda's household due to the environment Amanda has put up which show that even without the tall walls, barbed wire fencing and the solid iron bars to him it still is a prison. However the tom has the greatest desire to escape from the shoe warehouse. To him it is a place where he gets to experience hell in real life. His comment "look I'd rather somebody picked up a crowbar and battered out my brains - than go back mornings" this suggest how he feels about the warehouse in stark manner. "I'm going to the movies". This is Tom's only means of temporary escape from Amanda and The warehouse. This passage has provided a lot of information about the characters of Amanda and Tom and about the relationship between Tom and Amanda. It shows how much Amanda wants to dominate over him and also what serious effect loosing Tom could have on her life and also on Laura's and what Tom feels about Amanda. ...read more.

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