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The Graveyard

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Graveyard I don't know how I got there, but there I was walking around alone in a graveyard feeling eerily uncomfortable. It was dusk and the moon was out, radiating a soothing white light wherever possible. I heard the ominous sound of an owl hooting away in the distance. It was both annoying and irritating. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up for no apparent reason. I turned around and looked at the surroundings that I was in. As I turned I saw headstones. Each one had engraved on 'A Williams- my name- nothing else. I was really starting to get scared now and the gentle breeze now seemed to travel through my physical being leaving me feeling as cold as the ice. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. As I opened my mouth the air seemed to dry it within an instance and it became as dry as an old wooden floor. My voice and speech disintegrated into ashes as I tried to scream. But why? Was I dead or was I dreaming? I decided that I must have been imaging it. I tried to shake these uncomfortable thoughts out of my head, but something kept them there. I realised I would not be able to get rid of these thoughts if I stayed where I was and so I told myself to keep on walking. I didn't know where I was going or even where I was but a small invisible force seemed to be pushing me forward. ...read more.


I turned to see where it was coming from. I was hoping that I would see nothing and the noise would just stop, but it didn't. After a few more steps I finally found were the noise was coming from I saw that it was a fox. It was near the lake. The fox looked up at me with no apparent concern about who I was and then leisurely set off, in the direction I came from. I wondered to myself whether or not this was a sign for me to follow it. Perhaps then I could find my way back and maybe go home and go to bed. I don't know what it was but something made me want to stay and find out what else there was in this graveyard. It was like an urge. My body no longer seemed to belong to me. There was something else a strange force that appeared to be in complete control of my actions. As I continued walking, I thought of how I could have possibly have got here and why I was here. I looked around and saw lots and lots of trees. It sounded as if someone or something else was there with me. I stood still, to hear a noise. There was nothing- everything was quite. No leaves rustling, no owl hooting, no fox, nothing. I felt something touch me it felt like a claw, digging into my right shoulder. It felt as though I was being prodded with thousands of razor sharp blades. ...read more.


I noticed the statue, that I thought was a vampire a few short hours before. I walked up to it and read the engraving that it had on it. It said it was in memory of a man called G.H. Jones. I hadn't noticed before but it was the only statue in the cemetery. He was holding a book of some sort. But one thing that was the same as my 'nightmare' was the fact it was covered in cobwebs and minute spiders. This time I did reach out, and cleaned the debris from the book. I looked into the eyes of the statue and they seemed to smile at me, in a way of thanks. I looked at the lake. The sound was quite soothing and calm. Dogs barking replaced the painful sound of the fox squealing. By day the owls haunting hoot was replaced my pigeons and larks. Listening to the larks, signing I really appreciated its beautiful song. It made me relax even more. It was as if I was in a completely different place. Each headstone had a different name on them. None had my name, which was quite reassuring. Each had its own message. I decided to leave the cemetery, despite that fact that I did not go the tree. I decided that it would be for the best. I was sure that I had seen enough to realise that it had all been a nightmare. I didn't need to be scared anymore. There was nothing to be scared of apart from fear itself. And the deep dark thoughts that sometimes go cascading through my head as though it is like a formula one racing match. ...read more.

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