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The Great Escape

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It was the 14th October, 1999, when it hit me I woke up early about 4:30am, it was a cold winter's morning. All I could hear was the television, the news channel were saying, "Today's killer news is a female has been arrested in Australia, in the area of Melbourne for the murder of Francesca Taylor. Her body was recovered nearby South Yarra yesterday around 11:00pm late at night". All I could get the drift of was the aspect of my face on every newspaper cover. All I could smell was that cheap, tacky cologne the police inspector was wearing. ...read more.


was let out of my cell and I ran as fast as a cheetah I climbed the big gate like a monkey and got out in the end. When I just glimpsed all I could gazed upon was the prison guards sprinting after me, I turned back around and kept running until I was out of breath so I hid, the guard ran right passed me. I was very relieved. Thenceforward all I could smell was the fresh air, all I could hear were cars going by, all I could perceive were kids playing together, all I could taste was the snow falling on my face and all I could touch was the wall right beside me while I was walking. ...read more.


Also a sharp pointy cable hanging nevertheless i moved it carefully on the side so I don't poke myself and smashed the glass and went in. I woke up early at 9:00am on the 15th October, 2006, there was a television i started watching it, the news was on they were saying "Today's killer news in Australia, in the area Melbourne this is the same female convicted of murdering Francesca Taylor. This murderer is called Maria Kolbiartz she is 19 years old, has Brown shoulder length hair, has beer/green eyes, she was last seen wearing a blue top with a yellow jacket and blue denim jeans. She was also last seen outside the main prison in Melbourne. Please remember ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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