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The Great Gatsby and the American Dream. Throughout the novel of The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald depicts the character of Gatsby as someone who continuously pursues his American Dream.

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Throughout the novel of "The Great Gatsby", Fitzgerald depicts the character of Gatsby as someone who continuously pursues his American Dream. Gatsby's tenacity to chase after Daisy is a parallel to the newly-arrived Americans chasing after their dream of becoming rich. In Chapter 4, it is shown that Gatsby indeed tries his best to "catch a glimpse of Daisy's name" by reading "a Chicago paper for years". This shows that Gatsby is willing to sacrifice his all to get closer to Daisy. He also "waited five years and bought a mansion". Fitzgerald has intended to portray Gatsby as someone who possesses romanticism, the zeal to chase after one's dreams, unlike the people of the Old World, a society full of prejudice, people who are not as caring or loyal. Ironically, it can be inferred throughout the play that the people from the Old World are evidently the more successful ones. Perhaps the author is trying to tell the audience that this omnipresent callousness is what was required in order to be successful in the world of the 1920's. ...read more.


The original American Dream could be defined as the dream where one has to go through to endeavours and spend a great amount of effort to finally achieve this dream. However, the Old Money, who inherit their wealth form their ancestors, are not required to go through this pain and tedious process to finally attain the great wealth and respect in this elitist society. Tom, having inherited all his wealth from his father, manages to 'buy' Daisy just simply by lavishly flaunting his wealth in front of her, giving "her a string of pearls valued at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars". All Tom had to do was to buy the materialistic Daisy something expensive, without much effort. Fitzgerald may be suggesting that money was all that one needed to have to possess power and influence, like Tom. Nevertheless, this can only happen in a materialistic-minded society where people believed money was everything. The fact that one did not have to dedicate much effort for things to be done, indeed, was the beginning of the corruption of the definition of the American dream. ...read more.


The American Dream originated from the Dutch sailors' hopes to all be equal and thrive with wealth, to get away from Europe, the Old World, the world built up of a prejudiced society. However, after generations, the initial definition of this dream has corrupted, due to the over-luxurious life that some people had been privileged to. Nonetheless, Gatsby did not change his state of mind, but to only pursue that one dream, to get together with Daisy. However, by definition, the American Dream can never be achieved, and any attempts to realize this dream will result in destruction. Gatsby tried to attain this perhaps 'lethal' dream, and thus met his tragic death. Fitzgerald intends to convey the idea that dreams must be left as they are, since all of the dreams will always be excessively idealized, therefore making the dream unachievable. People will never be able to defy their Positions, as can be clearly seen by Gatsby. the futility of the American Dream has been embodied by Gatsby. As can be seen above, this may be why Gatsby is the epitome of the American Dream, having experienced all of the things mentioned above. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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