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The Great Recession

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I remember a time in my life when the gravity of the capitalistic nightmare we call America didn't weigh down upon my shoulders. A time when I viewed life through the euphorically ignorant eyes of a child. A time when I was as light as a feather, free to drift in the peaceful winds of a suburban childhood. The days seemed to pass so slowly, and the worries of living in this dog eat dog world seemed so insignificant and far away. But as the years passed, the cold, harsh realities of life hit me in full force. I was 10 years old when I learned that my parents were divorcing each other after 15 years of marriage. ...read more.


Over the span of a few months, we had been reduced from eating delicious home cooked meals to scrounging for expired boxes of macaroni and cheese. Years passed, and I found myself a senior in high school. I awoke one day in the early morning darkness, and sat awake in a state of deep contemplation. How had so much changed in what seemed like such a short period of time? How had so many people that I knew declined from the secure and progressive lives we had been living before to a lives of constant struggle? How could the picture perfect world that I had known before been so violently shattered and replaced by one of a much more sinister nature? ...read more.


After much deep thought, I began to understand how the world worked. We all have dreams of living in a nice house, eating expensive food, driving a nice car, and travelling the world. However, in order to bring those hopes to fruition, we are forced to compete with others, get a job, and advance ourselves to fit in with the workings of modern society. I realized that each and every one of us are merely components in the machine we call capitalism. We are all slaves to the system, our worth as human beings ultimately calculated in numbers and dollar signs. There is no escaping it, this is the life that we are condemned to live. I guess I finally understand what Pink Floyd means when they say "welcome to the machine". ...read more.

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