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The Greek Holiday with a twist.

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The Greek Holiday with a twist. That fantastic day had arrived. I had waited long enough for this holiday, two years, five months, three weeks and three days to be exact. Stuffing all our suitcases, with the limited amount of clothes we were allowed to take, we hurried downstairs to live our dream. 'Come on, Harry'. Shouted mum, standing with her hand on the round, and brass doorknob, halfway walking out of the door. 'O.k., o.k, I'm coming' I said in an excited voice. Dad was continuously beeping at the car horn. This felt great; I was determined to have a great time. After a fractious journey, we arrived on the dock, and there she sat, silently sophisticated but just big enough to fit us all on board. The waves lapped the side of the boat, which gave off a refreshing spray. The other car had arrived, with my parent's best friends waving franticly at us. ...read more.


The wind was angry. I looked behind me, but only to find the others in the same situation behind us. My dad ran to the side, only to hang his head over the side, and throw up last night's dinner. I also found myself doing the same thing shortly afterwards. This storm was a surprising attack on my family and friends, who were still following us not far behind. Trying not to loose track. Terrible thoughts were going through my head, all of what's the worst that could happen. Why now? I kept asking myself, as I stumbled down the wave washed, slippery steps to my cabin. What had happened? It was forecasted a southerly wind, and at the most a force two or three wind. With some hope still left in me, that this will just blow over I sat on My bed in deep thought, while trying to get some sort of signal on the radio. ...read more.


it in, fighting against the strong, angry wind the rope snapped and the tension was enough to spring me back, SMACK the rope shot me back and hit me in the face. There was enough force that it knocked me over, I had lost consciousness and I was rolling endlessly. Mum came running up the steps. The water had flowed down to the lower deck and had started rising. My nightmares had come true, and this was ment to be a holiday. As I regained consciousness slowly everyone started to go quiet, mum stop calling for me, and dad stopped calling for mum. Only seagulls could be heard and the overlapping of waves. A boat's horn could be heard in the distance. They were coming for us. As my hand slipped off the support I was holding, my body lapsed into the water, and I reminded myself the boat was on its way. Everything was quiet, too quiet, then a seagull screeched, everything was lost... Kristina Clarke 9/7 ...read more.

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