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The Grey Lady.

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It was a bleak dismal night when suddenly the breathing became louder and louder. We stood and froze and then there was silence. "Run!" Chloe shrieked. It was a clear summery afternoon and Chloe was over at my house, as usual. We have been best friends for just over five years and Chloe literally lives at my house. We were playing in my room and my mum was downstairs, "tea's ready girls!" We scampered downstairs and into the kitchen; "Smells good Mum!" "Mmmm, our favourite Jess, PIZZA!" After we ate it was my turn to feed the cows, so Chloe and I got changed into our farm clothes and ambled towards the food barn. We grabbed two buckets and went to the far field where the cows were being kept. "What's wrong, Jess? You're awfully quiet," Chloe questioned. "Oh, nothing." We fed the cows and Chloe began to speed up; "Last one backs a rotten egg!" ...read more.


"What's wrong, Jess?" Chloe questioned sympathetically. "It's a long story!" I didn't want to tell Chloe in case I scared her. Since then I was extremely curious about the woodland and I knew the boys at school were only trying to scare us so I decided to find out. "Mum, why am I not allowed in the woodland?" "Because it's dangerous!" "A boy at school said a murderer lives there and she escaped from a mad house." "Well darling, I wouldn't go to those extremes; they were probably only trying to scare you. Why?" "Just wondered." Mum knew I would persevere until I got what I wanted. "But Mum didn't you say..... "Here, take these crisps and put on a video or something for you and Chloe." "Okay," I moaned. That night I couldn't sleep, I was tossing and turning. I just really wanted to know what was so eerie about the woodland. "Chloe, Chloe. Are you awake?" ...read more.


We turned a bristly corner, the branches slashing against my leg like swords slicing flesh. I could hear Chloe's teeth chattering behind me. The leaves 'crunch' beneath our wellies and the mud squelched. We turned another corner and a noise, the leaves began to move, there as something in there. I couldn't' scare Chloe, it got nearer and nearer I began to panic myself....a mouse? A grey, wet nose sniffed the air, helplessly. It caught a glance of us and scampered. I continued, Chloe close behind me though I couldn't see her but I felt her cold breath on my neck. Then I became more aware of the surroundings, mist was beginning to settle, the grass was damp and overgrown, a gentle ice wind gushed through the trees. A horizon of mist was ahead, we heard breathing, it got louder and louder. Then there was silence. "Moo!" It came from through the mist, there it was again. Each time getting quieter, the noise sounded helpless as though there was something wrong. The woodland became totally silent...... "Run!" Chloe shrieked. Amy Gardner ...read more.

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