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The Hard Sell "CILIT BANG WITH BARRY SCOTT" LET'S TALK ABOUT CLEANING!!!!! That was unpleasant wasn't it? With any luck Barry Scott from the "Cilit Bang" ads will read this and realise just how annoying it is to shout continuously for no apparent reason. I mean honestly cleaning ads keep getting stupider and stupider. Because to be honest I don't care 'what my loo says about me' or the 'Facts' about Detol. They say it kills 99% of bacteria but I'm pretty sure the titanic was 99% unsinkable. The only difference these ads can make to me is they can make me decide I don't want to buy it on principle. Seriously if Cilit Bang used normal adverts that didn't make me want to rip the TV off the wall throw it out the window in order to rid myself of BARRY SCOTT, then I might vaguely consider buying it. ...read more.


And I find it utterly ridiculous that they think this will convince people to buy their product. It is just very hard to believe that first of all those messes were as hard to clean as they would have you believe. Secondly that if they were that hard, that it is actually Cilit Bang doing the cleaning. Then, unfortunately not for the last time, the hand returns. But this time what are they cleaning is a dirty old penny. Supposedly this shows how it goes to work on the toughest dirt around. But just because it can clean a penny doesn't mean it can clean tough grease. I mean what? Do they think people are worried about how dirty they're penny's are? In one of the new ads we are told that 'A million women are at it' Now I could rant on for hours on this line. ...read more.


It says "Based on a survey of 10,000 households". A million women in 10,000 households?!? I told you these ads were getting stupider.. In similar ads they have recruited more failed actresses who apparently only remember the ad from having 'that penny thing'. This just gets worse and worse as they honestly expect me to believe people remembered the ads from the penny thing rather than the constant shouting or the terrible acting from previous ads. In comparison to other ads, Cilit Bang has achieved the aims of most ads. To make people remember the product but the problem is people are remembering it for the wrong reason. The ads are enough to make you want to pull your hair out and when the ad is over I'm so relieved that even the idea of Eastenders doesn't seem so bad. I have to say though I sometimes feel like smashing his face in, quite ironic I suppose "BANG and his fake smile is gone." ...read more.

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