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The Haunted Ride

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´╗┐It was a Friday morning; I was waiting for this day to come as I was going on the school trip to Thorpe Park. So I got up and I got ready. I first checked outside to see if the weather was good and the weather was good, the sky was bright blue and the sun was shining so bright that it made me want to go to the sea side, I was praying for it to be sunny and it came true. I didn?t want it to be cold and raining, because it just ruins the day and I wanted it to be perfect so I could enjoy myself with my friends and also this was the last time I was going on a trip with my friends and I wanted to remember this day .Then I looked for the right clothes to wear for this beautiful weather. I wanted to wear something that matched so I decided to wear black and red shorts with a red top. I am the kind person who loves wearing the same thing that boys would like to wear. I just love wearing it .It makes me feel comfortable and I hate wearing clothes that are heavy, this makes me feel uncomfortable. When I finished getting changed I went downstairs and had my breakfast. I usually have one slice of toast with jam because I don?t like eating in the morning. ...read more.


I was so raring to go on the ride. So I asked Jasmin if she wanted to go on the ride. But she replied ?No?. Jasmin doesn?t like to go on rides that are scary because it gives her nightmares. I told her that there was nothing to be afraid of and that it was just a ride and nothing is going to happen, it?s not like we were going to die but she said ?No?. So I told her to wait outside until the ride finished. I went and waited at the queue until it was my turn. Then it was my turn to go on, I went and sat on the seat, the ride started moving, I was thrilled. It went somewhere where there was no light, you couldn?t see no light except from the small lights that were lying on the left and right side of the ride and there where on the floor, the lights where different colours for example there was red, blue, yellow and many more. I started getting nervous because I didn?t like being in a place where there was not a lot of lights, I get scared easily. There was a bit of light coming from the front, there were fake people that where popping out when we went forward every minute. The fake people looked so weird, disturbing and it looked like they were going to come alive, if they had done then I would have been frightened but I hoped they didn?t because I would have hated it. ...read more.


to hit me with a sword, I closed my eyes tight because I didn?t want to see what the monster was going to do to me and also I screamed at the top of my lungs. For a minute it was quiet and I then open my eyes to see why nothing had happened to me? But when I opened my eyes I saw that I was laying on my bed and I asked myself if that was just a dream .I was so confused because of the fact that I was in my own room and also that nothing happened to me . Then my Mum came running to my room because she heard me screaming, I was shivering with fear sitting there in bed, shaking and shocked. My mum came and hugged me and she asked me what happened .I told her everything that just happened to me. She told me that it was just a dream and I shouldn?t worry because nothing happened to me and that everything is going to be fine. I wanted to believe her but I couldn?t because I was really afraid. She then told me to get ready because it was the day I was looking forward to and that I was going on the school trip to Thorpe Park, I was still shocked and shivering, I told my Mum that I didn?t want to go because I was scared that the same thing would happen again and I didn?t want that to happen again. ...read more.

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