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"The Hero" Diary Entry

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Dear diary: Another dreadful day in war has finished. I'm tired of arriving every night here to my dormitory in the front line and having to write letters to tell families that their relatives have died in war and then having to delivery them. My job unfortunately consists of damaging peoples feelings and lives by doing this but is the only useful thing I can do in the war due to my physical incapacity. Having only one leg since the start of the war has been very hard for me but I've learned to control this terrible situation. One week ago another young soldier died and I had to write to an old lady telling her that her only son, Jack, died in war. This is very hard for me because he was a defenceless, young soldier who wasn't really prepared for the war and I feel guilty for making him fight in the trenches and die blown up into little pieces by a mine. ...read more.


I noticed she'd been there all the afternoon drinking tea and playing cards alone. She broke the silence by asking me what was the purpose of my visit and why was I staring at her with such a cold face. I kept quiet and my expressions were like a sick man. I started telling her that her boy was very brave in the war and that he had became an important soldier with an outstanding effort and dedication in the army. Every time a word came out of my mouth I felt even worse and tenser because I never imagined me lying to families so that they could be proud of their sons. What was even worse was the idea that the old woman believed that entire fake. The old woman suddenly started to shed tears because she noticed that I was going to inform her about his son's death and I didn't know what to do so I decided to continue my well prepared speech louder than I was telling it before. ...read more.


The problem in my mind started again because I wasn't brave enough to tell the truth about the cowardly attitude of her son. I gave her Jack's badge and the uniform he used in war. She smiled directly to me but I felt bad about myself because I knew that telling the truth would affect her feelings a lot. I stayed with her just a little longer because my real work was in the front line and when I went out the weather was much colder and sad; just the same as the woman's feelings. There are a lot of these situations in war daily but this was an exceptional case which I am sure I will remember all my life. I'm so sure because every night in my dreams since that day, I can see the old lady in her living room, in the same couch I was sitting when I went there, crying for her son because she was proud of him, because he died for her and for her country. ...read more.

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