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The Hero

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The Hero By Mamoon Ahmad Another hard day at the university had passed and it was time for Zohaib to go home and relax. As he entered his less than average apartment his roommate said, "Yo Zubby, check this out!" He rushed in quickly and the news he saw on the TV that day was to change his life forever. "We have just received this breaking news; a terror attack in central London has left at least one hundred and thirty dead and two hunted injured. Information on the attack is still emerging," said the news reporter on the television. The scenes on the TV were horrifying; parents were searching for their children and friends were also searching amongst the rubble of the blast, not knowing if their loved ones were still alive. Apart from the attack itself, what horrified him most was how somebody could go and do such a callous thing in the name of their religion. Didn't they think of the consequences? However, as he was to soon discover, there was much more to this attack than met the eye. The next day passed as though nobody had the ability to talk. The University was temporarily closed and so were all forms of public transportation due to the fear of another attack. It was a Friday, so being a Muslim, Zohaib set out of his house at lunchtime to perform the Friday prayers at the Mosque. On the way there, he felt a deep sense of anger within himself. He thought to himself again and again, "How could somebody do such a thing?" What he did not know was that the answers to his questions were going to be revealed in a much more shocking way than he could ever have imagined. He completed the prayer and returned on his journey home. The streets were near to being empty and any people he did see along the way looked as though they had seen a ghost. ...read more.


asked Zohaib in a less than polite manner. "Sheesh! Brother, slow down, let me explain; we found out about the terror attack the day before yesterday and so began an independent enquiry. We have links to many so called terror groups around the globe and none of them claimed responsibility, which is rather weird considering a motive or statement for why the attack happened should have been given. Eventually we found out that it was actually done by a racist group, you could think of them as the modern KKK," explained Zubair as Zohaib slowly ate his food, "anyways, they did this attack and so framed you for it to increase racial prejudice around the country." Zohaib couldn't believe his ears; he could no longer taste the food nor smell the odd smell of the clothes. All of his senses had been practically ceased to function. "But why me? It's not like I'm incredibly devoted to my religion and have a long beard," he whispered as he began to cry, "I'm just a 19 year old who wants to finish his education and go back to his parents." As he sat still in shock, Zubair said, "Hey don't let it get ya down! My guess is that they're tryin' to show that it's any person that's not like them that could be a 'terrorist.' We've already got a plan to clear you're name, all you need to do for now, is rest." Zohaib just cried and soon fell asleep again. The tablets he had taken weren't actually Paracetamol, but they were sleep tablets. He woke up in the afternoon, this time in a small room with a bed and a table. He noticed that his mobile phone was missing and he had no idea where he was. "ZUBAIR," he screamed, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN' ON?" Before he knew it two tall men who were quite built came to the door and said, "Calm down. ...read more.


One of the other terrorists screamed, "Aaarghhh, all of you are goin' to die you Pakis! As he screamed this he lifted his hand in which he was holding a gun to shoot the explosives which would blow up the station and release the poisonous gas at the same time. Zohaib saw this all too soon and without a second thought, ran into the way of the bomb. The second terrorist was taken down, once again; the autopsy would later reveal that he had a total of 48 bullet holes in his body. The third one had already surrendered. "NO, ZOHAIB!" screamed Younus at the top of his voice as he ran over to Zohaib. Zohaib had been shot in his torso. Black blood was emerging from the wound and seen as though they were both doing a medical course, they could tell that the bullet had hit the liver. Zohaib had a matter of minutes to live. "No. Why?" cried Younus. As he coughed Zohaib said, "Younus, don't worry, if there was any way I had to chose to die (large gasp for breath) it would be like this, with you, after having saved so many lives." The police rushed to Zohaib's side yet they understood that there was nothing that could be done. Zubair saw this mission as a failure, even though so many lives were saved, and quietly escaped through the back with his two partners. Younus cried aloud and Zohaib weakly said, "Hey, don't worry, just tell my parents that I love them very much. "I will," cried Younus, "I will." As he took his last breaths Zohaib asked, "O yeah, I'm innocent now aren't I?" "You always were bro," cried Younus, "You always were." The day passed away as did Zohaib. The secret racist organisation was foiled and any religious prejudice that the people had, soon faded away. Zohaib's name was cleared in next to no time, and his status had forever changed around the world from terrorist, to hero. The Hero Coursework piece 1 GCSE English ...read more.

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