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The Highs and the Lows.

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The Highs and the Lows Catherine who came from a well respected family of four, was seventeen. She relied totally on her parents and servant. Her mother, like all mothers at the time was a housewife. Her father owned the biggest theatre in London. This made her life a lot easier than other children as she had everything she wanted and needed including her own selective group of friends who were also known as 'The Chosen Ones'. Her older sister, Elizabeth, was soon to marry a foreigner from America. Her parents expected her to do as well in life as her sister. This was not easy as everything that was required from Elizabeth was already done perfectly. Her tutor had said that he had never encountered such high standards in his students. George had led a difficult life. He had to work in the mines since he was six to provide enough money to feed himself and his three brothers, two sisters and parents. He had no education as it was only for the rich, yet he had a strong non-materialistic love and friendship with his family. He longed to have something to look forward to in his life but where could he go with no education and a poor family who couldn't even afford to look after themselves? ...read more.


Thank you very much. There is no way possible to show you how grateful I am but you could always come back and meet the rest of my friends and family. My brother George has finished his duty in the mines for today." explained the girl wilfully. Catherine made her way to the families with her new found friend. She found out that her name was Anna. Catherine enjoyed meeting everyone. It made her feel even happier that she had donated the money to them. There was a strange connection between her and Anna's brother, George. It was almost as if she was being pulled towards him. She had never felt love before so she wasn't sure what it could be. That night as she was walking home she promised herself that she would do as much as she can to help her lower class friends. Especially as George who was two years older than her and yet two thirds of her height. She was to accompany her father to the theatre then visit them. When she got home her parents were on the doorstep she could sense that she was in trouble. She trembled to the door and greeted her parents in the usual way she did. ...read more.


If they agreed they could pay towards the wedding and would attend. She had an image of her fathers' famous frown. Everything she did ended up with that face. An almost grey face with the lower half covered with wrinkles so his mouth was camouflaged. Such thin lips that it gave the impression he was pretending not to have teeth. His eyes were jet black. Catherine had to avoid them as if she looked at them they would go into her mind and take away right to free thoughts. When she took George over to her house the next day to meet her parents, they were devastated and forbade her to see him again. It was not too hurtful because Catherine was sure that Mr and Mrs Jonis would understand and appreciate the love between her and George so at least she had something to look forward to. That was far from the case. Mrs Jonis was appalled to see George marry a complete stranger and someone who will never have any feelings apart from the cost of an object. There was nothing they could do. They could never see each other again and they did not have any money for the wedding. Catherine saw no other way, why did not she think of it before? She could take the easy way out by choosing to be together forever in ...Death. ...read more.

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