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The Hitcher

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´╗┐Hesitating, for a car stop. Car after car drives past me without noticing my half dead thumb, struggling to hold itself together. My fingers colder than the snow itself have lost their will to move. I know that my fingers are there, but they just won?t move. An explosion of the arctic air speared through my coat and prickled along my skin, sinking down my very bones. I raise my head up to the sky, noticing an ocean of black clouds, gathering. The foggy scattered cotton balls are full of tears that are just to burst out into a million pieces. The crystal ice rain, clinging on to my frosty skin. The reflection in every drop was like a mirror, just copying me. I?m surprised how the person in the reflection thinks it?s me. The cries of the skies are as if the heavens were torn coming down to earth to show its sorrow. ...read more.


It was obviously new because of the skin on its edges has not started to curl up yet. With some pink flesh showing through and some fresh blood still running down in the corner of his mouth. It showed that he lacked the care of himself. Then he dug around his pocket for a minute before dragging out the lighter and the cigarette. I raised an eyebrow as he lit up the fag. He blew out a cloud of smoke into my face causing me to cough and then he smirked with that look on his eye that crooked smile. Before I could analyse him any further, he placed his foot down and the power of the car made me slam my head back at my seat. Going at 35mph. where are we headed? The man was mostly silent; he asked me questions just to break the tension. The car was slowly accelerating, gathering as much speed as possible. ...read more.


He repeated this and the pain was as painful as the first. After the numerous wounds, the darkest, red coloured blood came sputtering out of me like a waterfall. My eyes could barely stay open. The car didn?t even swerve off the road; it was as if he was a professional at this. ?Damn it?. The car slowly slew down and then he booted me out of his car, I was just like trash. As my crumpled body hit the ground, I gasped for air, but oxygen eluded my grasp. The blood still carried on squirting out, the blood made pool around my lifeless body. I was as helpless as a new born. I was injured, and out of energy. I know that slowly that death will soon approach me. I couldn?t breathe let alone protect my body from anybody. I now know that this guy meant business. Luckily he drove off leaving me there to die. It?s getting dark, my body won?t move. I have to get up. My eyes, just gave up on me. ...read more.

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