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The Hitchhiker .

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The Hitchhiker I. It was an extremely dark Friday night in early December, but the sky was clear and littered with small, sparkling stars. A gigantic silver full moon shone out from the south on to a deserted road. That was until a brand new, shiny, metallic silver soft-top Peugeot 206 zoomed out of the shadows with music blaring out from the radio. Two men inside were still in hysterics over a joke that was told over 15 minutes ago. The men, both in their twenties, mended televisions together in a small Welsh town 10 miles from Cardiff. The pair were on their way to a well-known pub in the large Welsh city. The silver soft-top came to a halt at a stop sign. The mammoth moon reflected brightly into the car's rear view mirrors and the engine hummed as the driver looked left and right at the junction. A long key scratch pierced the right-hand side of the car from the bonnet to the boot. The driver was David Franks. David was a 23-year-old from East London. He had a shaven head, but from the hair that was left behind, you could see it was brown. His skin was tanned and had a look about him that made you wonder if he was of mixed race. His dark brown eyebrows were very distinguished. His grey blue eyes almost disappeared when he laughed because his plump cheeks rose up to counterbalance the enormous cheeky grin in a typical sized jaw. His eyes searched for distant headlights as he pushed his foot down on the accelerator pedal. ...read more.


The pair burst into hysterics all over again. The orange glowing streetlights beamed down on the silvery Peugeot, which was still the only car on the road. In the near distance, a white figure was standing at the roadside. As the car got closer, the duo saw that the white figure was a beautiful pale young woman with thin, long, straight, blonde hair shivering by the edge of the road. David braked, then reversed the car up to stop alongside the girl. Neil wound his window down again and asked the girl if she wanted a lift. She had very, very pale, almost white skin. It looked as soft as white silk. Her eyes were small and were an extreme blue colour. It was almost as if the blue of the sky in countries like the Caribbean Islands, where the sky is bluer than you can imagine, was stolen and put in her eyes to shine out to everyone she met. She had a small stubby nose and very defined cheek-bones. Her lips were light pink tinged with a faint blue colour. Her bright white teeth were chattering. The peculiar girl was wearing a white, floaty, almost translucent long-sleeved top, and long, tight, white flared trousers that swathed her white, high-heeled open toe sandals. She had a small white bag over her left shoulder. She was wearing small silver flower-shaped earrings with tiny pink stones in the middle and a silver cross necklace. The small girl was extremely thin. Neil and David thought she was mad to be wearing what she was in early December, as the temperature outside was extremely cold. ...read more.


We asked if she wanted a lift. She gave us this;" Neil handed the paper that Susan gave David just over 12 hours ago. Mrs. Marsh read through the paper and confirmed that that was Susan's handwriting. David carried on the account of what happened. "Susan looked cold, so Neil," he pointed to his best mate standing next to him, "gave her his jacket. It had his phone and his keys in the pockets." The two men still didn't believe that the girl, who had seemed so real, was actually dead. Mrs. Marsh decided to show them her daughter's grave. Neil helped her into the silver convertible and then went to sit in the back, behind the driver. He curled his large body into the small space. The elderly woman told David where to drive and where to stop. When they reached the small cemetery, David helped the woman out of the car and she took them over to a shady corner away from the other graves. A large headstone stuck out from the ground. As they neared, Neil, David, and Mrs. Marsh could see something on top of the headstone. They got even closer. Neil could see it was his jacket, neatly folded on top the ageing headstone. He checked the pockets to see if his phone, keys, cigarettes, and his lighter were still there. They were. There was also a small piece of paper folded up in the left-hand pocket. He opened it up. It said: "THANK YOU FOR THE RIDE AND THE LENDING OF YOUR JACKET. SEE YOU IN THE AFTERLIFE! S.S.M" On the headstone of Susan's grave you could just make out the words: Susan Marsh Aged 19, died of multiple injuries after an accident involving a car. 1986. Lauren Pettit 10MD ...read more.

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