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The Hobbit - by J.R.R Tolkien.

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The Hobbit - by J. R.R Tolkien As the first book in a series (Lord of the Rings)"The Hobbit" by J .R .R Tolkein amazingly portrays the life of Biblo Baggins and his quest for treasure with his new-found friends. "The Hobbit" was a brilliantly written book which shows how people can change emotionally despite their original impression which is similar to the saying "dont judge a book by its cover". And example for this is Bilbo, who is by nature, very shy, changes completley by the end of the novel and becomes more braver and wiser. Initally written as a story for his childeren, Tolkein's book became an instant success andan all time classic once published. Belonging to the fantasy genre, the book contains everything we would expect from this type of writing. In particular, i intend to discuss the impact on the novel because items such as descriptve language, sterotypes and items to be expected in a fantasy novel. When we think of a hero, we normally use a classic stereotype of a big man or woman, who has large muscles, a short temper and a quick witt. The Hobbit was the complete opposite, as the central character seemed to be reluctant to help anybody except himself, but at the end of the story our view of him is the complete opposite. ...read more.


Because the novel is from the fantasy genre, Tolkein spares no expense in the use of descriptive language of the surroundings and characters. An example for this is when Bilbo and his friends are on the journey and encounter a mountain. "Dark and drear it looked, though there were patches of sunlight on its brown sides, and behind its shoulders the tips of snow-peaks gleamed" I think this fantastic example shows how deep the descrition is given from Tolkien. My favourite particualar character was Gandalf. Gandalf, who although might be a human being, is an old, wise wizard who helps the others throughout the book. I believe that although he does not hold a great part in the story, it is made greatly more intricate in storyline as a result of him. Gandalf, who does not follow the company of Bilbo throughout all of the adventures he goes through, helps the Hobbit when in a great deal of stress or trouble. I believe that he is the main strength for the others to help them along their journey. The other characters which in most cases are not human, effect the story more than you first think they might. An example of thisparticualar aspect is when Bilbo is being chased by a group of goblins after suddenly escaping from their home. ...read more.


An example for this is when he is describing the Goblins, tells that Goblins hate dwarves equally to others but in this case they seem to hate Thorin more. "Which does not come into this tale" I thought showed how the author entices us to read on and because we are told that they make clever items, i felt that I would like to know more about them and perhaps Tolkien gave description in "the hobbit" or even the following series "Lord of the Rings". I believe that Tolkein successfully fills the context of the fantasy genre by the extensive use of descriptive language, the setting, the use of magic, long journeys and the unusual creatures. I felt that as a result of Bilbo being the reluctant hero however, I felt gave the book the edge over other fantasy novels and is the reason to which any people enjoy or would enjoy the book. Although I am not a great fan of the fantasy genre, I felt that this was a great exception and would encourage people to read not only this but also more of the fantasy style. I would recommend this to most people even though the lack of suspense which may discourage people who enjoy the thriller genre, Tolkien makes up for in this fantastically written tale. ...read more.

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