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The Homeless of Britain

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The Homeless of Britain "Victims of the System" In Recent years, beggars have become a familiar sight all over the country like forgotten souls; they haunt the streets like poltergeists being ignored and largely left to pass empty handed. They reside mostly in towns and cities trying to catch a lucky break to get themselves out of there situation, but their presence has evoked a lot of bad feeling from many sections of the public. However I would like to point out how much of this bad feeling is a result of ignorance and that the only way is to change our attitudes and take action before it is too late. Of course homelessness is not a condition that just affects poor souls living their daily life on the streets, many more thousands spend their existence "sofa surfing" these people seem to drift wherever they can. One terminology used a lot these days "the hidden homeless" as people like to call them ranges into numbers not far from half a million, to put that number into perspective that is almost twice the population of the city of Swansea. ...read more.


Sound familiar to you? You have probably heard this room uttered by more than one foolish uneducated soul. Well I think you should hear the real truth What could really make you want to spend just one night on the streets let alone the rest of your life? Just imagine the setting yourself, first things first you try looking for a spot to lie low & recuperate easier than it sounds! The cold unceasing wind sends icicle twinges down your back your ready to give in anything for a space out of the wind and relentless bombardment of rain. You try one doorway only to find some six foot five "scouser" telling you where to go if you catch my drift. So you keep going any place will do by this time you would lie on cactus needles just to get a nights decent kip in some secluded spot. Finally you find a doorway covered in damp cold tiles but you lie down all the same. ...read more.


In conclusion who really are the lazy ones? The people who struggle every day just to make enough money for a sandwich and a cup of tea so they can last one more day of hell! Or is it the people who can help them give them an escape from their personal hell but do nothing, the ones who walk straight passed them everyday yet do not let these street dwellers dwell in their thoughts for even one miniscule second? I think the only way we can truly begin to change these people lives to clean our streets of the "winos, larger louts & snotty beggars" is to give them a helping hand after all if some one is in need then the right thing to do is to give them another option in life. So I put it to you go do your part to help even if all you do is to donate some money to your local homeless charity at least that is one step in the right direction don't you think? ...read more.

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