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The Honest Guide To Whitstable

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- The honest guide to Whistable - -I promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth- Right, you've almost certainly been informed about the marvellous Whitstable and how great it is. It may have been a glossy magazine you have read or heard from somebody else but Whitstable is not the undisturbed, extraordinary historic city it is made out to be. This is my honest guide to Whitstable and it will tell you what really happens in Whitstable and what to avoid. The miniscule town of Whitstable - a peaceful and historical place is an assortment of abnormal smells and a range of worldwide languages. Where every street you stroll down differs little from the last, and spat out chewing gum and cigarette butts tile the cobbles of the path. Take an expedition into Whitstable, and you will soon become aware that it is more or less identical to any other town in Kent - and quite possibly England. The tranquil High Street is not to be missed. It is one of the most historic parts of Whitstable and you can tell this when you see it. All of the pocket-sized high-quality shops like butchers and bakeries etc. ...read more.


To start with the remains of Whitstable Cathedral which is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England, and finally St Augustine's Abbey, and St Martin's Church. All of these attract millions of tourists to Whitstable and the tourists always seem to know whether you are in a hurry or not because they will stroll tremendously slowly in front of you preventing you from accomplishing the tasks you want to. Whitstable is also well-known for the run down Dane John Gardens which hosts an incredible number of fights and drug addicts. Even though the garden hosts these battles and junkies, many families take an outing to the gardens to have a picnic. Whitstable City Council has attempted to stop fights and stop drug addicts using the gardens and to try and improve the gardens for families. But they have failed on every one of their methods. They have built a maze which small children would love except it is used by the homeless for shelter and is decorated with magnificent graffiti. Whitstable is also renowned for its spectacular leisure facilities. It has a splendid leisure centre which is the ideal place for exercising. ...read more.


By early evening debris is left scattered as the stalls are dismantled and Serco (Whitstable's local council) are sent out two-by-two to decontaminate the high street. The climate in Whitstable seems to deliberately depend on your itinerary for the daylight hours. The weather forecasts may as well tell you the truth and not what the weather is expected to be. The weather is never sunny on a school day and when it rains you leave slightly later in hope that the rain will come to a halt and it doesn't so you end up with no other option but to stroll up the road in torrential rain and gale force winds to see the bus pull away from the Kurb. So, you're left there standing on your own with the pleasant traditional weather conditions of Whitstable awaiting the arrival of the next bus - whose driver is almost certainly still in the bus station having a coffee and a smoke. Now you have read this you may be wondering whether it was a waste of your time, well it wasn't. You could have come to visit Whitstable. Now that would be a waste of your time. Now remember I did warn you. ...read more.

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