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The horrific attack on New York

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The horrific attack on New York It was a sunny and cloudy day and everything seemed normal in New York. New York is an extremely busy and exciting city with huge grey buildings and full of high street shops. The thousands of luminous lights in the shop windows glow like balls of fire and the flashing casino's are as hectic as ever. Everything was normal that morning in the open breezing air, people were casually eating it cafes, on their way to work and walking serenely down the street. There was a buzz as though the atmosphere was natural. Cars were driving in a rush to work in the tumultuous traffic, people were shouting vociferously down the streets. Josh Brooklyn is thirty and works on the ground floor in the Calvin Klein store. He was rushing to work on Monday morning, the 11th of September. Josh drove to work in his silvery car frustrated and annoyed because he was running late. There was a delay of tremendous traffic and Josh could hear the ear-splitting horns everywhere. The building Josh works in is the twin towers. It has two very tall buildings that look like they are built by Lego. On the two towers, are large black windows. ...read more.


Within a few minutes or so, the aeroplane burst into sizzling flames, along with parts of the tower. Dust started to fly out and bits of stone and metal fell to the ground like heavy hailstones. The dust was getting into Josh's eyes and he began to panic. He tried to wipe the dirt from his eyes hurriedly but struggles with great difficulty. Josh could taste it in his mouth, it was disgusting and he coughed vigorously. Katie stood well away from the towers and was so traumatised by the situation; she was trembling and was petrified. Katie could see innocent people standing at the windows outside. She saw one man jump into the burning hot flames. The flames were like a huge bonfire, but bigger. More people were starting to climb outside the windows. Katie could not believe her eyes; she didn't know what to make of it all as it was all so unreal. What scared her even more was that her shift was at 10.00am in the Trade Centre. Katie thought to herself scarcely, that it could have been her out side that window. The ground quivered even more and Josh's reaction grew more shocking. He thought of his friends who were in there, but he didn't know whether or not to rush in and try to get them out. ...read more.


He just stood there staring at the slaughtered destruction of the aeroplane. He could smell an unpleasant scent, it was like burnt flesh but very unusual. He covered his mouth and took a few steps back. The smokes from the flames were heading towards him and the flames were getting worse. Josh and Katie hurried away and stared at the massacred destruction. Everyone around them was either screaming, traumatised or just struck dumb at the horrific sight. Josh looked around, mortified, as he saw the people crying and running into the streets. Katie's mouth dropped open in shock when she turned around to find newspaper reporters, telling the world what had happened and interviewing people who were terrorised by the attack. Katie glared at the firemen running towards the fierce fire to put it out. Everything sounded like a big screech, the police cars, the ambulances and the hundreds of people yelling and crying out for help. Just when everyone thought it was all over, it abruptly all started to happen again. Josh and Katie struggled with complexity to get out of the brown dust. As they started o see again, they saw a plane like a giant evil bird that was even louder than the first plane. They looked up and could hear a booming noise becoming louder. The ground shook and unexpectedly there was a roaring bang. Josh and Katie flung themselves to the ground and there was silence. ...read more.

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